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Fans Think Kendall Jenner Is Wednesday Addams in New Post

Wednesday did everything right, from delivering a beautiful gothic direction to playing the role of the scream queen in Netflix’s newest and most successful game. The Internet has been going crazy over a stand-alone series based on Wednesday Addams, the Addams family’s daughter. The crowd went absolutely bonkers as soon as the film was made available to them because of the strange dancing scene and the killer lines it included.

The Internet was filled to the brim with compliments for Jenna Ortega, who gave us a glimpse of the genuine version of this unflappable protagonist. While the show has also achieved massive success on social media, where it has been responsible for the creation of memes and inspired TikTok dances. It would appear that some of the most well-known figures in the industry have now joined this procession of gloomy characters.

Kendall Jenner showed off her Wednesday-inspired look in a new post.

A short while ago, Kendall Jenner updated her Instagram with new photographs, which immediately drew the attention of her legion of devoted followers. This time around, the American model and socialite who is known for wearing bright dresses and cropped tops most of the time appeared in a new way.

The celebrity, who is 27 years old, published black-and-white images of herself in which she wore a shirt with striped long sleeves, a black skirt, black tights, and pointed pumps. When Wednesday Addams dressed in all black, we felt as though we had stepped into her world thanks to the overall aesthetic. Because fans who have caught up on the series could recognise this gothic female wearing a striped cardigan and black stockings in the previous episode.

In addition to that, the recently acquired audience for the Netflix show did not pass up the chance to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions. A large number of individuals have posted feedback along the lines of “it delivers Wednesday vibes Wednesday row.”

The first season of the mega-hit show is currently available on demand, and fans are demanding that it be resumed immediately. They believe that this marvellous supernatural manifestation should be allowed to carry on for much longer. Wednesday received a message from an unknown sender on the phone that she had been given as a gift shortly after the conclusion of her first season. Who do you believe it might be, in your opinion?

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