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Enhance Your Security with QuickBooks Hosting Solution

QuickBooks is a real deal for accountants worldwide as it helps simplify bookkeeping while saving tons of time. The Most Powerful Accounting Software QuickBooks was developed by Intuit and still holds the #1 position in the accounting software industry.

What makes QB even more unique and useful is its compatibility with the cloud, offering a hosted QuickBooks solution.

Today, most accountants prefer QuickBooks Hosting in the Cloud over any other accounting solution because it meets all of an accountant’s bookkeeping needs from both a client and professional perspective.

So, let’s see why hosted QuickBooks has become a favorite among accountants and how it has become the top choice among professionals.

24/7 Accessibility

Today, accountants need to stay ahead of their competitors and to do that they need constant access to their books. Well, that’s virtually impossible with the old accounting methods of locking accountants in the office, but with QuickBooks’ hosted solution, accountants can access their books anytime, anywhere. Yes, you read that correctly. With our cloud accounting solution, you can edit your books from the train, the beach, your home, and anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Such flexible accessibility increases the efficiency of accountants and allows them to differentiate their accounting services from other competitors in the market.

Higher Security

All business plans should be aligned so that business data security is a primary concern and the right way forward. But when it comes to the cloud, many people run into the dilemma of whether or not they can keep their data safe in the cloud, and that doesn’t matter in the cloud.

Hosted QuickBooks offers top-tier protection for all your financial data. This keeps you away from all kinds of risks in cloud and physical environments. Keep your data safe and secure. Not only that, but A experience service provider can also help you with Windows Cloud Desktop so that you can securely access your accounting data from anywhere.

Top-notch Support

Accountants are new to IT. As a result, they cannot solve their day-to-day IT problems on their own. This is where his 24/7 customer support for his QuickBooks solution hosted comes into play. With the power of the cloud, you also get the added benefit of customer support provided by a dedicated team of experts.

The main downside to customer support is that QuickBooks comes with a cloud hosting package, so you don’t have to pay extra for 24/7 customer support.

Remote accessibility:

QuickBooks Hosting gives accountants and accounting firms access to QuickBooks data anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is convenient to use your favorite devices such as iPads, laptops, and smartphones. They can also assist customers outside of their business premises in an emergency.


QuickBooks cloud hosting is the future of accounting as it offers several advantages over traditional hosting methods. QuickBooks cloud hosting offers many benefits that will shape the future of accounting.

Intuit-certified hosting providers such as Apps4Rent can help host his QuickBooks in the cloud. These providers also offer a variety of migration services such as Office 365 Migration and help you to fully virtualize your business by moving to the cloud.

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