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Due to his refusal of the COVID vaccine, Ice Cube lost a “$9 Million Movie Role”: “I didn’t want to get the bastard”

Ice Cube has stated that he was unable to secure a role in a movie that was worth $9 million (or 7.5 million pounds) because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID’s virus.

It was rumoured in October 2021 that the actor-rapper will not be appearing in the Kitao Sakurai-directed comedy “Oh, Hell No,” starring Jack Black and directed by Sakurai.

It was rumoured that Sony insisted that all of the performers get vaccinated before they could begin filming in Hawaii, where the location located.

These rumours were substantiated by Ice Cube, who stated that the reason he didn’t receive the job was because “I didn’t want to get a fucking hit.”

In an interview on the podcast Million Dollar Worth Of Game, he stated, “I turned down $9 million.” I was trying to avoid getting the shot. This jab can go straight to hell. To heck with you for trying to explain that to me; I’m not interested.

However, the actor clarified that contrary to popular belief, he did not turn down the job and stated that “these bastards” did not offer it to him since he did not have the opportunity to perform it. I didn’t reject.

“They simply refused to hand it over to me. Covid shot, jeb… I didn’t need it. This is complete and utter gibberish to me. Nothing even close to that. I don’t care what they think. That piece of crap wasn’t necessary for me.

Ice Cube replied, “I do not know how Hollywood treats me right now” in response to a query about whether the rapper’s opinions on immunizations against the COVID virus will have an effect on his career.

When the actor was offered the opportunity to instead work with a streaming service, he responded by saying, “Although this is Hollywood. They are embroiled in some sort of mess. But I’m in the same boat—I’m taking something as well.

Ice Cube has lately disproved Kanye “Ye” West’s assertion that he was the source of West’s current round of anti-Semitic comments and has done it in another location.

On Twitter, Ice Cube expressed his displeasure at the fact that his reputation had been “dragged into this Drunk Champs crap.”

“I am not aware of what Ye intended to convey with his words; you will have to inquire with him about this. I did not insert batteries into his back at any point. In any and all anti-Jewish discussions, kindly refrain from bringing up my name. I have never been anti-Semitic, and I do not currently identify as such.

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