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Dolly Parton Joined TikTok: “I’ve arrived!”

The singer published six videos on the platform in order to welcome new subscribers to her account, and as of right now, there are now 370,000 individuals following the country music icon.

“I’ve arrived!” She added the caption “Hi TikTok!” to her very first video, which was the accompaniment to her smash hit song “9 to 5.” Dolly is her name.

After that, a total of five movies were uploaded, one of which was a video message from the singer to the fan encouraging them to “hit the Subscribe button and follow the news.” Other videos included clips from throughout the singer’s career.

Earlier on in 2018, Dodge Kat and Dolly Parton made cameo appearances in a new Taco Bell-themed TikTok musical that was produced for the company. The musical was centred on the infamous Mexican pizza restaurant.

The musical was performed on the social network on May 26 to commemorate the reinstatement of a customer favourite that had been removed from the menu of a popular fast food chain. The dish in question was Mexican Pizza.

Doja Cat was a well-known advocate of Mexican pizza. In the year 2020, when Taco Bell decided to remove Mexican pizza from their menu, Doja Cat wrote a rap entitled “contract” for Taco Bell. She repeated the line from the jingle, which said, “I’ll kill you if you ever attempt to cease manufacturing,” and she added, “It’s not even Mexican food.”

When TikTok comedian Victor Kunda took a jingle and produced a spoof version of a musical about Mexican pizza starring Dodge Cat, the seeds for “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” were planted. Dodge Cat was the star of the original musical.

Dolly Parton was given a donation of $100 million (£84.8 million) by Jeff Bezos to give to charity just one month ago. This came after the founder of Amazon revealed his intentions to give away the majority of his riches.

After it was revealed that Bezos intended to give away the majority of his $124 billion (£105 billion) fortune, the legendary country music performer will be in a position to make financial contributions to organisations of his choosing.

In the year 2020, Parton made a donation of one million dollars (844 million pounds) toward the development of an effective vaccination against Covid-19.

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