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Does Grimcutty Derive From the Momo Challenge? Inspiration Described.

You know things are going well for the horror genre when Leatherface and now Michael Myers both make comebacks in the same year. However, these well-known figures from the world of slasher films are merely the top of the iceberg.

Streaming services have offered consumers a lot to make their blood run cold, including new movies by modern masters like Jordan Peele, which have made people’s blood run cold. Grimcutty, which is one of the most recent, was released right on time for Halloween.

On October 10, 2022, the film, which was directed by John William Ross and premiered that day on Hulu and Disney+, was made available to the public.

Is Grimcitty Based on the Momo Challenge?

Yes, the Momo challenge was the impetus behind the creation of Grimcutty. The main character of the film is a young woman named Asha, who is portrayed on screen by Sara Wolfkind. Due to the fact that her parents are so obsessed with the trend, she and her younger brother have a chance encounter with a weird internet meme that has been brought to life.

The “Momo Challenge” was an urban legend that went viral on the internet. For those who haven’t heard of it or don’t know much about it, we’ll explain what it was. It was claimed by a number of users who posted it that the act of posting it incited people to commit acts of violence and other atrocities on the commands of a user dubbed Momo.

After it had become a significant topic of conversation the previous year, Rolling Stone reported in 2019 that most people believed it to be an elaborate hoax. Even the Police Service of Northern Island (PSNI) issued a public warning regarding this issue and put it online.

“The Parents Were So Scared”

Recently, the film’s director made an appearance on Laughing Place, where he was questioned about the motivations that led him to want to make the film:

He stated that “it almost felt like a bizarre comedy sketch or something,” which was an interesting observation. The parents were quite concerned about this matter, but whenever they attempted to discuss it with their children, the children responded with phrases such as “So what?” and “They had no idea what they were talking about.”

Taking into consideration everything that has been stated, he stated that “it just felt ready for parody” and that he could “make Invasion of the Body Snatchers with technology.”

Some folks were left wondering after seeing the trailers and hearing the buzz about the film… It appears that Grimcutty was modelled after Momo.

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