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What Episode Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer?

The hit TV show “Lucifer” has its own magic in the way it tells its story and how the characters interact with each other. One of the most important relationships in the whole series is between Chloe Decker, a detective with a soft heart, and Lucifer Morningstar, the owner of a club who is also the devil in disguise.

Chloe and Lucifer meet by chance when Lucifer gets caught up in a murder case that involves his nightclub, Lux. Here, he meets Chloe, who is a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, or LAPD.

After meeting a lot of people and helping the LAPD solve a case, Lucifer gets a new job as a consultant for the LAPD. He and Chloe will work together to solve crimes and strange cases. For both of them, this is how the story goes.


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In this way, they get to know each other better and start out as friends. As time goes on, their friendship grows. Everything seems normal during their dates until one day when Chloe learns the truth about Lucifer.

At this point, she finds out that he is a devil, which changes the course of their story. When does Chloe find out that Lucifer is not what he seems? How does she find out that? Let us find out! But before we do that, let’s go back to the beginning of this journey.

What Is Lucifer About?

The plot of the whole show is a modern version of Neil Gaiman’s well-known Lucifer stories. This first became well-known because of a DC character in a comic.

The show has taken raw bits of the characters and used them to make a new story about an old character.

This series talks about hell and the devil in a very fun and up-to-date way, without making the characters seem too strict or religious.

As is common in stories from many different cultures around the world, Lucifer is seen as a bad thing and is also called the devil or the fallen angel. He is the master of hell. He rules with everything he has.

This common idea of Lucifer has been used to good effect in the series as well. The main male character, Lucifer, is shown as a man who doesn’t care about anything and is only interested in the highest level of indulgence and extravagance.


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The story of the series is about Lucifer’s life after he was kicked out of heaven for being a bad person and moved to Los Angeles to satisfy his rich wants. Lucifer is shown to be a very selfish and rebellious person at his core.

He starts a new life in LA as the owner of a club while hiding who he really is and what he is like. He also joins the LAPD as a volunteer consultant, where he shares his ideas and helps another detective, Chloe, solve cases.

His extraordinary powers are best used in this role, and no one has the slightest idea that he is actually the Lord of Hell, who is taking a long break in LA. Since 2016, there have been about 93 episodes spread across 6 seasons. You can watch the series on the Netflix platform.

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The Truth About Lucifer Revealed:

Since they first met, Lucifer has always talked about how he is Lucifer. Chloe thought this was a joke, so she didn’t pay attention to him. But he was telling the truth the whole time.


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In the last episode of season 3, this truth is finally shown. In episode 24 of season 3, called “A Devil of My Word,” Chloe finds out the truth about Lucifer while she and her friends Charlotte and the lawyer are working on another case.

In this episode, Charlotte’s death is shown to have been caused by Marcus Pierce. Chloe and Lucifer are on his trail. But Chloe is shot all of a sudden. Lucifer tries to protect her, and Chloe sees his Devil’s face in the process. Right away, it seems to her that Lucifer is, in fact, the devil.

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