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Carol Kirkwood Engaged: Exploring Her Personal Life

Carol Kirkwood Carol Kirkwood, a popular Scottish weathercaster who works for BBC Breakfast, is engaged to Steve Randall, a former police officer who is 48 years old.
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Carol Kirkwood About

Carol Kirkwood, who was born Carol MacKellaig on May 29, 1962, is a well-known Scottish weathercaster. She learned how to do her job at the Met Office and now works for the BBC. She is a regular on the famous show BBC Breakfast. In addition to reporting the weather, Carol showed off her dancing skills by taking part in the 13th series of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2015. She did very well in the competition, finishing in 10th place.

Carol Kirkwood Engaged

After her marriage to cricket player Jimmy Kirkwood ended in 2008, Carol Kirkwood, a popular Scottish weathercaster and BBC Breakfast star, has found love again. Carol got engaged to Steve Randall, a 48-year-old former police officer, in May of last year. Carol loves to say that Steve is “perfect” for her.

Carol Kirkwood Engaged

Their relationship started out of the blue because they were friends before they started dating. They already knew each other well, which made it easy for them to start dating. At the time, neither of them was looking for love, but it found its way to them anyway, and they couldn’t be happier.

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Carol was happy about the surprise turn of events. She said, “Who would have thought I’d be getting married again at this old age? I’m sure I didn’t.”

Who is Carol Kirkwood Engaged?

Steve Randall is committed to running and works as a police officer. He is engaged to Carol Kirkwood. He used to be married to Nichola Randall. He has a teenage son with her. In 2017, Steve and his ex-wife chose to end their marriage. Around the same time, he started dating Carol.

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Even though Carol and Steve are very private about their personal lives, they have been living together in Carol’s beautiful £2 million home in a gated neighborhood on the banks of the Thames in Berkshire. People in the neighborhood say that the couple is normal and have seen them taking long walks along the Thames.

Carol Kirkwood Career

In the field of media, Carol Kirkwood has had a long and fruitful career that has taken her in many different directions. After beginning her career at the BBC as a member of the secretarial reserve, she went on to establish herself as a presenter for BBC News, where she gave weather forecasts across a variety of BBC platforms, including BBC Radio and BBC TV. Because of the interesting and informative way in which she presents information, she has quickly become a fan favorite, and she is now the primary weather presenter on the widely watched program BBC Breakfast.

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In addition to delivering the weather on BBC, Carol has demonstrated her adaptability and allure by participating in a variety of other BBC programs and panel shows. Carol Kirkwood is still a well-liked character in the media landscape despite the fact that she has made a number of significant contributions to the field of broadcasting.

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