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What Are Cardi B’s Experiences Before and After Plastic Surgery?

It’s difficult to think Cardi B has just been renowned since appearing on Love and Hip Hop in 2015. After all, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is probably one of the most well-known musicians in the world today. Cardi B, whose actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is not only extremely gifted, but she has also managed to handle life in the limelight admirably without losing her character-defining snark.

The Grammy winner never passes up an opportunity to defend herself against criticism, especially when it comes to her appearance. Cardi, who has daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus and son Wave Set Cephus with husband Offset, went to social media in February 2021 to respond to admirers who complained she looked “weird” without makeup.

“This is my visage 20 minutes after waking up, with no filter, unbrushed hair, and chapped lips. “I’ve never been afraid to reveal my true self,” the New York City native captioned an Instagram video of herself without makeup.

Cardi has faced a lot of conjecture about plastic surgery over the years, most of which she has addressed openly. Before she came to stardom as an exotic dancer, the rapper admits to feeling self-conscious in the profession. The Rythm + Flow judge has had a number of cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentations, butt injections, veneers, and liposuction.

The “Up” singer has been just as candid about her regrets as she has been about her plastic surgery. Cardi revealed during an Instagram Live broadcast in December 2022 that she had the majority of her biopolymers, also known as butt injections, removed.

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Cardi B is Opening Up About Her Recent Plastic Surgery Experiences

The “Be Careful” singer Cardi B disclosed in an Instagram live that she had surgery in August to remove her b*tt implants. “I removed 95% of my biopolymers…if you know what that is, it’s a** shots,” she explained.

Cardi B Before and After

Cardi previously acknowledged that working as a stripper put her under pressure to have butt implants. She said she got it done illegally in a basement for $800 by a lady who was subsequently charged with the murder of someone else she’d given the injections to. The treatment is risky because the filler has the potential to spread throughout the body, producing major negative effects.

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Cardi stated that removing them was a “crazy process” and warned her fans not to have the treatment. “All I’m going to say is that if you’re young — if you’re 19, 20, 21 — and you’re too skinny sometimes and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t have enough fat to put in my a** and everything, and you resort to a** shots, bitch, don’t f***ing do it,” she added.

“Like, I am super, super, super against mother***ing a** shots. I strongly oppose biopolymers. I’m just against it,” she said, pointing out that having two children had already made her figure curvier.

However, this does not imply that she is completely against cosmetic surgery. Cardi confessed on live television that she has also had a nose operation. She said, “I got my nose done — I don’t give a f***, chick.” “I had my nostrils reshaped because it was too large. I had my daddy’s features. “That s*** had to go, for f***’s sake!”

Cardi thinks that if someone is dissatisfied with something about themselves, they should “fix it.” She simply advises doing things in a safe manner.

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