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Calum Scott Net Worth: Did Scott Win America’s Got Talent?

English singer and songwriter Calum Scott is from England. In April 2015, he became known all over the world when he took part in the ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent and sang his version of Robyn’s hit song “Dancing on My Own.” After placing sixth in the contest, he released his version as a single the following year.

It reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and was Britain’s best-selling single of the summer of 2016. Scott later signed with Capitol. In 2017, he released the single “You Are the Reason,” which was on his debut album Only Human, which hit number 4 on the UK Albums Chart in 2018.

Calum Scott Quick Info

Full Name Calum Scott
Nickname Calum
Age 33 years old
Date Of Birth October 12, 1988
Birth Place Kingston Upon Hull,
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)

Early Life

Calum Scott was born on October 12, 1988, in Beverly, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Scott also spent most of his childhood in Yorkshire, around Kingston Upon Hull, and in other places. He lived with his mother and younger sister for most of his childhood. When he was only two years old, his parents bought him a dictionary.

Then, his father moved to Canada and left them behind. Scott didn’t start out as a singer. He used to love playing different instruments when he was young. Even though his sister forced and encouraged him to sing, he liked playing the drums the most. She is also a singer, and she has been a very important part of his growth as a singer.

Calum Scott’s Net Worth:

According to Bio Overview, As of 2022, it is thought that Calum Scott’s net worth will be around $4 Million. He is one of the most famous singers who used to be on Britain’s Got Talent. His hit singles brought him a lot of attention in the music world. The singer has no doubt made a lot of money over the years thanks to the hit singles she has put out.

Calum Scott Net Worth

Calum has also played on one of the biggest stages, which has helped him become wealthy and famous. The singer has also been making money by selling a lot of stuff on his website. In addition to singing, he made money from TV shows. For example, Calum provided his voice for an American Express commercial. Calum Scott makes $70,000 per year.

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Calum Scott started making music, and he and John McIntyre made the electronic duo The Experiment. The girl was their first single, and it came out on June 14, 2014. Calum and John played the song on Good Morning Britain and BBC Look North before they broke up. Calum and his sister Jade both tried out for the ninth season of Britain’s Got Talent in April 2015.

The judges said “no” to his sister, but Calum got the Golden Buzzer and went straight to the live shows. The singer sang “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart. Little Mix and Ashton Kutcher had praised her work, so she did the song. Then, in the finals, he sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Calum came in sixth, and the winner of Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 was Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse.


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Calum Scott’s cover of “Dancing on My Own” came out in 2016. It slowly gained popularity and sold more than 600,000 copies. The singer then said that he had signed a contract with Capitol Records. Calum and the singer Ivete Sangalo put out a song called “Transformar” to promote the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

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Personal Life

Calum Scott is out as gay. In 2016, he told Attitude magazine that as his fame grew, he became more open about his sexuality. As a child, he had a lot of problems with his sexuality, but now he is sure of himself.

Calum Scott Net Worth

He is single right now. According to the news, he is not with anyone. Scott is an up-and-coming musician who is completely focused on his career.


Calum Scott is an amazing person who has reached many important points in his career. At first, he was a little hesitant because he is shy and he is gay. But his sister told him he should start working as a singer, which paid him pretty well. Scott has made many popular singles, albums, Mixtapes, and other types of music. He also has a huge number of fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Scott Win America’s Got Talent?

Later in the competition, the judges told him he already sounded like a recording artist and that he will have a lot of success all over the world. In the last episode of BGT’s ninth season, Calum stumbled over his words. He got sixth place in the competition, even though he stumbled over his words.

Is Calum Scott Signed to Simon Cowell?

Calum Scott, who was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, said that when Simon Cowell didn’t sign him, he thought his music career was over. The 27-year-old singer, who was Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act on the ITV show last year, told Digital Spy that he wishes he had gotten more advice from the music mogul.

What Does Calum Scott Do Now?

In 2020, Calum worked with an American Watch company to make “Minutes with Calum,” a music documentary series. Fans could see what went on behind the scenes as he made his second studio album thanks to this series.


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