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Brian Laundrie Cause Of Death: Autopsy Report Reveals Suicide by Gunshot

It’s finally been solved: Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie went missing. Their names were all over the internet at the end of last summer. The reason for Brian Laundrie’s death was finally found earlier this year.

The couple was on vacation when the mystery of the loss happened. A few months later, they figured it out. Before we get into what killed him, though, let’s take a look at who Brian Laundrie is.

Brian Laundrie Early Life

Laundrie was born on Long Island, New York, on November 18, 1997. They were raised by Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, along with his sister Cassie Laundrie.

After that, he went to Bayport-Blue Point High School. He met Gabby Petito, who is now her fiancé. However, the rest of his schooling is still a secret.

Brian Laundrie Career

Brian Laundrie wasn’t well known, though. His family does own a number of businesses, though Juice Services Inc. is one of their main jobs. It has to do with fruit, vegetable, and wheatgrass juicers. They have this business out of their house.

Brian Laundrie Cause Of Death

His family also runs a different beverage vending machine business in Bayport, Long Island, where they live. Brian was often seen working at a healthy juice bar in that area.

Brian Laundrie Net Worth

Brian likes to be on his own, but Laundrie’s family is wealthy enough to pay for his costs. He works for their family business, which has drink vending machines, and for other companies as well.

In the end, he is worth about $5 million altogether. His family seems to be making a lot of money from it; every year they make millions of dollars.

What Happened in 2021?

Brain Laundrie and Nicky Petito (Gabrielle Venora Petito), who are engaged to Brain Laundrie, planned to drive their Ford Transit Connect Van across the US for four months. Her YouTube account says that their trip went well. But when she disappeared all of a sudden, the internet went crazy.

Police in Utah found them having problems in their relationship a few weeks before she went missing. The police said that Brian hit Gabby on the arm and she hit him, even though everyone had a different story. Because she cried while being questioned, the cops put Brian to sleep in a hotel and kept Gabby in the van.

Brian Laundrie Cause Of Death

The cops did say that she didn’t want to leave Brian, but that he was pushing her away. Later on September 1, Brian came home by himself, so Gabby’s family called the police to say she was missing.

But his parents told him not to say anything about her case. Because he was the suspect, they brought their lawyers to handle the case. Soon, on September 19, 2021, police found a body that fit Gabby’s description. Wyoming is where her body was found.

Brian Laundrie Cause Of Death: Autopsy Report Reveals Suicide by Gunshot

While Gabby’s disappearance was being looked into, her fiancé Brian Laundrie vanished at the end of summer. The police found out what killed Brian earlier this year.

A report from the Medical Examiner of Sarasota, Florida, said that he died from a gunshot wound to the head. In October in Carlton Reserve, they found his bones in a densely wooded area.

The report says that he was at least three feet underwater before his body was found in Carlton Reserve. Officials say that Brian’s skeleton was exposed to a lot of carnivore behavior, such as scavenging.

A backpack with flares and a tent, a notebook with pictures, a piece of paper, and a red hat were among the things that were found with Brian’s body. It was Brian who wrote in the notebook that he killed Gabby.

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