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Bretman Rock Net Worth: How Much Money Does Rock Make in a Year?

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga is a social media celebrity and Filipino beauty influencer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. After one of his contouring videos went viral in 2015, he gained prominence as a creator on YouTube and Vine. Rock is well-known for his cosmetic tips and witty outlook on life. He has starred in his own reality TV show, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock (2021), has been in multiple music videos, and was the first homosexual man to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine in October 2021.

Rock has garnered several prizes and distinctions for his social media activity, including the People’s Choice Award for “Beauty Influencer” and the “Breakthrough Social Star” award at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Bretman Rock quick Info

Full Name: Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga
Net Worth: $2 Million
Age: 23
Country: United States
Born: July 31, 1998
Salary: $250,000 (Annual)
Last Updated: 2022

Early Life

On July 31, 1998, Bretman Rock was born in Sanchez Mira, Philippines. Before his parents divorced and he moved in with his mother, he resided there. Bretman was gifted to Hawaii along with Princess Mae’s sister, where he graduated and completed his education. Bretman was an extrovert from a young age and had a personality that attracts everyone. Already a strong student, he was also interested in beauty and content production.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

He used to create vlogs and publish them on YouTube at a young age. Bretman was homosexual and it was difficult for him to come out, but when he did, his parents welcomed him. He attended Campbell High School, where he encountered numerous obstacles that shaped him into the person he is today. Additionally, Bretman had an early interest in cosmetics and skin care. Despite experiencing discrimination at school, he enjoys makeup and fashion.

Bretman Rock’s Net Worth

According to caknowledge, the estimated valuation of Bretman is approximately $2 million. This remarkable number is mostly the result of his work as a social media influencer across multiple platforms. His 2015 beauty contouring guide went popular on the now-defunct site Vine, establishing him as a bona fide social media sensation. The celebrity has over 8.83 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing and shares cosmetic lessons and daily vlogs on his channel.

Even his most recent YouTube Originals series, 30 Days With Brehman Rock. Bretman currently has 17.7 million followers on Instagram and uploads several photos of his daily life and passion for beauty, including sponsored posts that have contributed to his wealth. As of 2021, Bretman has his own MTV reality show titled Following: Bretman Rock that focuses on his family.

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Prior to transitioning to vlogs and beauty instructions, Rock was a comedian and meme maker on YouTube and Vine. Additionally, he is recognized for his funny outlook on life. In 2016, one of Rock’s videos about contouring became viral. The YouTuber Talia Joy and the makeup artist Patrick Starrr influenced him.

In 2016, he also secured a management contract with Adobe Studios, a social media creator network owned by the Philippines’ largest media conglomerate, ABS-CBN Corporation. Princess Mae, her daughter Cleo, and their cousin Keiffer (“Miss K”) commonly feature in Rock music videos, such as those for making.

Larry, his friend, and Agatha Danglapin, his former editor, also made brief appearances in his videos. Rock has collaborated with James Charles, Bella Poarch, Nikita Dragun, and Chelsea Handler, however, he rarely covers other influencers on his channel.

In 2017, he was named one of Time magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens. In 2018, he was also listed in Forbes’ list of “30 Under 30 Asia – Media, Marketing, and Advertising.” Gay Times featured Rock on its Pride Month cover in June 2019. Rock attended his first New York Fashion Week in September 2019, when he teamed with stylist Andrew Gelwicks.

The July 2019 release of the ten-episode fourth season of the YouTube Premium online series Escapes the Night included Rock as “The Playboy.” MTV confirmed in December 2019 that Rock will star in the upcoming season of the YouTube series No Filter. Early in 2020, in cooperation with wet n wild cosmetics, Rock debuted his makeup collection.

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Personal Life

Bretman was more interested in boys than females as he was growing up, but his parents accepted his decisions. Rock received so much criticism for his homosexual behavior at school. He is currently single and not seeing anyone. Bretman is solely focused on advancing his career to the next level.

Bretman Rock Net Worth

He frequently creates vlogs with his sister, Princess Mae. When he was very young, he began to be more interested in other men than in other women. His parents were quite tolerant and always backed his decisions. However, unlike his parents, he received a great deal of criticism in school, although he was able to cope.

People used to ridicule him for his homosexual behavior, but he was always honest about it and never tried to disguise it. He received his diploma from Campbell High School. Even throughout his school years, he had a deep interest in cosmetics, which eventually became his career and gained him a great deal of fortune, popularity, and stardom.

His relationship status is currently single, and there is no evidence to suggest that he is related to anyone. He is so involved in his career that he devotes all of his best abilities and efforts to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Bretman Rock Get Rich?

Passionate YouTuber and social media celebrity, he derives the majority of his money from these activities. The majority of his YouTube videos have received over one million views, and he has already amassed a substantial fortune through his original content.

Is Bretman Rock Related to Nikita Dragun?

Nikita Dragun (aka Mama Dragun) grew into a celebrity through YouTube makeup lessons that detail her experiences transitioning and beginning her career as a Los Angeles-based beauty expert. Some of her most popular videos feature family members, such as her “brother” Bretman Rock, in recording sessions.

What Became of Bretman Rocks’ Father?

Bretman stated, “My father passed away last year, three days after being hospitalized or suffering a stroke. I haven’t been able to truly mourn for him because a large number of my fans attended his funeral, which was traumatic.”

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