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Bad Ass 4 Movie: Everything You Need to Know About the Action Comedy Franchise

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date: Danny Trejo plays Frank Vega, a Vietnam War soldier who turns into a vigilante after protecting a man from attackers on a city bus in the Bad Ass movies. The first movie, Bad Ass, came out in 2012 and was partly based on a video that went viral of a real-life fight on a bus.

The movie had two sequels, Bad Asses in 2014 and Bad Asses on the Bayou in 2015. In those movies, Trejo worked with stars like Danny Glover and John Amos. While most reviewers didn’t like the movies, they developed a cult following among action and Trejo fans.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Renewal Status

As of right now, there has been no official confirmation or statement about the fourth Bad Ass movie. Bad Asses on the Bayou, the last movie, came out six years ago and did not do well at the box office or on home media.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date

Craig Moss, who directs and writes the show, hasn’t said what he plans to do next with Frank Vega and his friends’ story. In addition, Danny Trejo, the show’s main star, is now 79 years old and might not want to or be able to play the old hero again.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date

There isn’t much information about Bad Ass 4 Movie, and the actors and directors don’t seem interested in making it.

However, if by some chance it does get approved, the production and distribution process would likely take at least two years to finish. So, the earliest Bad Ass 4 Movie could come out would be sometime in 2025 or later.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Story

Since there isn’t a story summary or script for Bad Ass 4 Movie, we can only guess what it might be about. From the other movies, we know that Frank Vega will have to deal with a new threat from criminals or dishonest government officials who are hurting his friends or harmless people.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date

He would also work with another actress who would play his stunt double or partner in crime. Daniel DeVito, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jackie Chan are all actors who could play this part. There would also be some humor, violence, and nods to pop culture and current events in the story.

Bad Ass 4 Cast

The actors who could be in Bad Ass 4 Movie would have to be available and ready to work. The actors would have to have been in the previous movies or be good fits for the genre.

If Danny Trejo doesn’t quit acting or dies before the movie is made, he is the only known cast member who will play Frank Vega.

Also, Danny Glover as Bernie Pope, John Amos as Earl Morgan, Charles S. Dutton as Panther, Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams, and Patrick Fabian as Officer Malark could all play the same parts they had in the first movies. In the story part above, we talked about some new actors who might join the cast.


In Conclusion

Bad Ass 4 Movie is a possible continuation of the Bad Ass series, but it hasn’t been officially announced or approved by anyone in the series. It’s not likely to happen because the previous movies didn’t do well at the box office or with critics, and the main star is getting too old for the part.

But there may still be fans who want a fourth movie that continues the stories of Frank Vega and his friends. You can watch the first three movies on Freevee or learn more about them on IMDb if you are one of them.

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