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Are Michael and Isha Still Together? Where are They Now?

Are Michael and Isha Still Together? The Netflix reality shows Twentysomethings Austin follows eight random people as they live together for a week and discuss the highs and lows of their personal lives. There are no rules in the house, so the performers are free to explore their talents, grow as people, and have a good time while doing it.

A total of 12 episodes from both seasons of “Twentysomethings Austin” have been released thus far on Netflix (on December 10 and 17 respectively). There were eight people living there, and one of the more promising relationships was between Isha Punja and Michael Factor. What, though, occurred after the curtain had fallen?

Who are Michael and Isha?


Michael Fractor desires a career as a stand-up comedian. This is a career path he has only really examined since 2021. He travelled to Austin in an effort to make this ambition a reality. His jokes are dry and full of fatherly humour. He stated, “Imagine how odd and Jewish it is. That’s [my family and me].

It’s absurd that my mother makes me feel terrible for sneezing. He continued by saying, “We got a puppy just before I arrived. And she tells me every time we speak on the phone that I abandoned the dog, despite the fact that I was meant to care for him, but whatever.”

Isha Punja

Isha Punja is a graduate of Berkeley College with a degree in economics, and she founded her own fashion firm with the assistance of her parents. She has defined herself as follows: “I do believe I am intelligent, but occasionally I say things that come out as a little ditzy.” She relocated to Texas for business purposes. Her brand, Hut Mentality, uses fish imported from India. All of her creations are handcrafted by rural Indian craftspeople. Her designs have appeared in British Vogue and at New York Fashion Week.

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Are Michael and Isha Still Together?

The dating scene is tough for everyone, and this couple has a lot going on already. The show’s production just wrapped up, and episodes have only lately begun broadcasting. They are still getting to know each other thus they are being discreet about their connection.

Are Michael and Isha Still Together

Isha and Michael are both contents since they are able to talk to one another and spend time together. Since they haven’t said anything to the contrary, I’m going to presume that they’re still together and content.

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Where are They Now?

Michael and Isha first met on the television program Twenty Somethings. At first, there was no romance between them because they had each arrived with their own agendas. Isha had also proposed dating just outside of their group.

They both dated different individuals before dating one another. Isha asked Michael out for tacos and a date, and he accepted. Michael took her on romantic excursions and outings, and they discovered they had a strong connection. Isha likes the speed of her relationship since it allows her to focus on her fashion business as well.

Michael and Isha in Twenty-Somethings – Austin

Michael and Isha initially lacked chemistry because they were both devoted to their roommate relationship. After speaking with Bruce Stephenson, she changed her opinion about never dating within the group out of fear of potential complications. Although Raquel Daniels was flirting with Michael, he went on multiple dates with other women before he realized it.

However, the disturbance finally passed, and Isha and Michael’s story started. Finally given permission, Isha disclosed to Raquel that she found Michael appealing because he was “her sort of relative.” Michael then brought Isha mini-golfing, where he made her giggle excessively and gave her shivers with his awkward but adorable dance routines.

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