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Anonymization of Face on the Internet – Protect Your Privacy

Did you know that the Internet is used by more than 25 million users on a daily basis? Such a huge space bringing together so many people from all over the world carries numerous risks. Nowadays, we constantly hear about all kinds of frauds, extortions, adopting false identities, online hate and mocking people.

Everything can currently be done on the Internet and the worst thing is that it can’t be stopped. Hackers with experience and surprisingly unique skills can steal every piece of data from our computers and learn about our personal life. The reality we currently live in can scare us and the only thing we can do is to protect ourselves from these dangers. One way to do that is to use anonymization. How does it work? Continue reading.

Anonymization – what is it?

Through anonymization, you can mask sensitive personal data, i.e. the information that can be used to identify a particular person. A specific type of this procedure is facial anonymization, in which a special technology is used to blur people’s faces, so that they can remain unrecognizable. Anonymization is used just as often to cover up license plates, entire figures or vehicles. This procedure has full compliance with the requirements of GDPR, which is supposed to protect the image of individuals. is a special and professional software for automatic anonymization of photos and videos.

When is anonymization of photos and videos useful?

Anonymization of photos and videos is particularly useful when you want to publish a given photo or video that includes bystanders, vehicles or specific license plates. Especially if the video is to be publicized, uploaded to the Internet. According to the regulations of GDPR, the use of someone’s image is punishable, so you should pay special attention to the content you share.

The penalty for violating the terms of GDPR is as much as 300 million euros in total! The larger companies pay the most for their mistakes, the ones that have shared content without noticing the secondary items, vehicles, people and other sensitive data that can identify a person. Specialized software helps to automatically obfuscate the elements necessary to blur and save you from incurring a significant financial penalty.

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