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Anita Ekberg Net Worth – Was Anita Rich in Her Final Days?

This article examines the age, career, and wealth of the notorious actress Anita Ekberg. Continue reading to the end for additional information.

Who was Anita Ekberg?

Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg was a Swedish actress who appeared in American and European films and was recognized for her attractiveness and voluptuous figure. Her iconic performance as Sylvia in Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita brought her to prominence. In 1964, Ekberg became a permanent resident of Italy, where she performed the majority of her work.

Name Anita Ekberg
Life Span 29 September 1931 – 11 January 2015
Profession Actress
Nationality Swedish
Net Worth $100k
Gender Female
Relationship With Gianni Agnelli

What Was Anita Ekberg’s Net Worth?

Anita Ekberg was a Swedish actress and model with a net worth of $100,000 when she died. Anita Ekberg, 83, passed away on January 11, 2015. Anita Ekberg was one of the most famous s*x icons of the 1950s and 1960s, but she ran into financial difficulties at the end of her life.

After an accident, she was allegedly “penniless” and resided in an assisted care facility in 2011. Her precarious situation was made worse when criminals stormed into her house in Rome, Italy, while she was at the institution and took all of her furniture and jewels.

Ekberg participated in the Miss Universe competition in 1950. She did not win, but she did receive a contract with Universal Studios as one of the six finalists. She starred in “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars” in 1953. Ekberg went on to become an international celebrity, working alongside John Wayne, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra among others.

Something About Personal Life and Death of Anita Ekberg

Ekberg had two marriages in her lifetime. She married actor Anthony Steel in 1956. They split up in 1959. She married Rik Van Nutter in 1963. They remained married until 1975 when they divorced. She also had a long-term relationship with Gianni Agnelli, the Italian industrialist and proprietor of Fiat.

Anita Ekberg Net Worth

Despite the fact that Agnelli was married, they were lovers. Ekberg never had offspring in her life. She stated in a 2006 interview that she desired she had a child, but in a different interview a few months later, she stated the opposite.

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Ekberg never returned to Sweden after departing in the early 1950s. She did, however, frequently invite Swedish journalists to her villa in Italy, where she had been a permanent resident since 1964.

Ekberg was hospitalized to Rome’s San Giovanni Hospital in July 2009 after becoming unwell at her house in Genzano. After three more months in the hospital, Ekberg was reported to be homeless in December 2011. Her home was plundered of jewels and furnishings and severely damaged by fire while she was at the institution.

Ekberg died at the age of 83 on January 11, 2015, in the clinic San Raffaele in Rocca di Papa, Roman Castles, from complications of multiple chronic diseases. Her burial was performed a few days later in Rome in a Lutheran Evangelical Church. In line with her desires, her corpse was cremated and her ashes were interred in a Swedish cemetery.

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