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Animal Control Season 2 – Renewal Buzz, Cast, Release Date, And All The Inside Scoop

Animal Control Season 2: here’s what’s coming up for the Norwest Seattle Animal Control precinct as season 2 of Joel McHale’s eccentric sitcom Animal Control returns to Fox.

Quirky Fox sitcom Animal Control is back for a second season after an excellent 2023 premiere that won over both reviewers and audiences.

Joel McHale (Community) plays Frank, a senior Animal Control Officer who has long since emotionally checked out of the job (perhaps in part because he was a police officer in the past).

The Animal Control cast was created by Roughhouse Productions. Animal Control managed to survive and gain enough traction for a second season thanks to the efforts of McHale’s Frank and the entire ensemble cast.

The show’s tried-and-true formula for Animal Control will be followed in season 2, with Michael Rowland’s Shred, McHale’s Frank, Emily played by Vella Lovell, and the rest of the precinct.

Even though the next season of Animal Control won’t air until sometime in the future, a lot of conjecture has already been made about what will happen when the popular comedy returns to Fox.

Animal Control Season 2 Latest News And Confirmation

The most recent information about the Fox sitcom concerns the cast, as two Community stars will reunite for Animal Control season 2. Joel McHale plays the lead in the breakout success; McHale became well-known for his work on the television series Community.

Now that McHale has joined the set of Animal Control season 2 in a guest role, he will get to see Ken Jeong again. Ken Jeong is most known for playing Spanish professor Chang on Community. Sarah Chalke and Krystal Smith are two more confirmed guest appearances.

For a second season, Fox has renewed Animal Control. Shortly after Fox broadcast the twelfth and final episode of the first season, the announcement was made in May 2023 (via Variety).

Animal Control Season 2 Release Date

The WGA and SAG/AFTRA strikes caused several months of delays, and on March 6, 2024, Animal Control season 2 would finally broadcast. The Hollywood strikes, in which writers and actresses went on strike in support of higher pay, affected Fox’s schedule along with several other networks.

Animal Control season 2 will premiere nearly exactly a year after the first season, despite the protracted wait.

What Will Be The Story Of Animal Control Season 2?

The resolution of cliffhangers and overarching plot threads are not major components of Animal Control’s television program. The single-episode arcs, which typically center on whatever mischievous wildlife Frank and the rest of the precinct have to deal with that week, constitute most of the action.

There is greater motivation for the writers to devote more time to certain progressive narratives and story arcs in Animal Control season 2 now that the show has been renewed and may run for several seasons.

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Animal Control Season 2 Cast

If nothing changes, the cast of Animal Control season 2 will stay the same as it was in season 1. Joel McHale, an executive producer on the program and star of Community, will reprise his role as the erratic and short-tempered Frank Shaw.

Emily Price, his supervisor and boss, will be portrayed by Vella Lovell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) once more. Michael Rowland, a stand-up comedian, will continue to play Frank’s amateurish and obnoxious cheerful collaborator Shred in season 2.

The remaining expected cast for Animal Control season 2 includes:

Actor Animal Control Role
Ravi V. Patel Amit
Grace Palmer Victoria
Gerry Dee Commissioner Dudge
Kelli Ogmundson Dolores
Alvina August Dr. Summers
Amy Goodmurphy AM Dispatch
Kevin Bigley Rick Doyle

Comedic actor Ken Jeong is set to make an appearance as a guest star in Animal Control season 2, which is being compared to a reunion of Community since Joel McHale and Jeong became well-known on the cult hit.

Along with Jeong, other confirmed guest actors are Sarah Chalke and Krystal Smith, though it’s unclear what their roles will entail.


To sum up, the quirky Fox sitcom Animal Control, featuring Joel McHale as the lead, is set to return for a highly anticipated second season. Despite delays caused by industry strikes, the show is scheduled to premiere its second season on March 6, 2024.

The humorous show, which is well-known for its sporadic animal mishaps, has attracted new interest as Joel McHale and former Community co-star Ken Jeong will be appearing together in a guest role in season 2.

Michael Rowland and Vella Lovell are among the recurrent ensemble cast members who maintain their core and promise to adhere to the show’s formula for success.

Animal Control Season 2’s unique blend of humor and animal antics is expected to make it even more popular than its premiere. Therefore this is all about Animal Control Season 2.

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