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What Was Andrew Dorff’s Cause of Death? He Died of Unknown Causes

Kid 90, a documentary by Soleil Moon Frye, examines a time before social media demands, iPhones, and kids aspiring to become “internet famous.”

The actress, best known for her role as Punky Brewster, discusses her experience growing up in Hollywood and evolving from a child star to a well-known ’90s teen star alongside several other well-known child stars.

Soleil filmed her life with a video camera as a teenager, and 20 years later, she chose to reveal the films of her and her celebrity friends’ activities in 1990s Hollywood.

The Hulu documentary depicts some of the enjoyable moments in these children’s lives, as well as their trials and emotional struggles.

In Kid 90, Soleil commemorates the late singer-songwriter Andrew Dorff, who sadly passed away in 2016. Continue reading to learn more.

What Was Andrew Dorff’s Cause of Death? He Died of Unknown Causes

In December 2016, while on vacation in Turks & Caicos, the country singer-songwriter passed tragically. During an interview with Larry King, Andrew’s brother, the actor Stephen Dorff, discussed the loss of the 40-year-old.

“We do not know officially, but there was drinking, a Jacuzzi, and water involved,” he stated. “Andrew was frolicking in the water when someone spotted him on his back, motionless. They got him onto the shore, something happened, and I don’t really — or can’t — get into the specifics, but all I know is that my brother should be here, enjoying his achievement.”

andrew dorff cause of death
Andrew was widely recognized for penning hit songs for Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, and others. Stephen is prominently featured in the documentary, discussing his life in Los Angeles throughout the 1990s.

Soleil Moon Frye Reflects on Losing Friends in Hollywood

Soleil chatted with Too Fab about revisiting old cassette tapes with her childhood best pals who were also kid actors.

“Those times when friends reflect and wonder, “What was I thinking at the time?” It was very entertaining to observe “She stated,

The actress went on, “And then there were some truly painful moments, including the passing of my great friend Andrew Dorff, who I feel is now watching over us, and being able to rewatch the footage with Stephen, as it was the recordings that brought us together. We were childhood buddies, and after he passed away, the records brought us much closer together.”

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Soleil also pondered on previous voicemails of her deceased pals in the Hulu documentary. Soleil reflected on hearing audio recordings of suicide victims Jonathan Brandis and Justin Pierce.

“Even with our imperfections and ups and downs, I adore people. Incredible was the understanding that I was so loved in return, considering how much I love others “Soleil told TooFab.

Adding, “Finding the voicemails from Jonathan — when we were kids, he’d press pound, because literally, Jonathan liked to fill up my tape — so he’d just talk for 30 minutes, and it was in those final moments of those audio recordings that he shared so much of himself, and you hear that throughout the documentary.”

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