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‘All Of Us Strangers’ Release Date, Stellar Cast, And More

Following its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, “All of Us Strangers” has already generated much Oscar talk.

An excellent movie is usually indicated by a trailer that only reveals a little. That most definitely applies to all of us strangers. The trailer’s unreal quality is ideal for awakening viewer’s interest without giving them too little to look forward to.

Just enough romance, just enough mystery, and just enough ghosts in the trailer to have us noting the date of the movie’s premiere on our calendars.

Andrew Scott plays the reclusive Adam in the movie, which had its world premiere in August at the Telluride Film Festival. Paul Mescal plays the enigmatic Harry, Adam’s romantic interest. Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, who plays Adam’s late parents, complete the ensemble.

Even though the film’s plot is largely unknown outside of the mysterious trailer and a few first-look images, audience viewing experiences benefit greatly from this kind of obscurity.

All Of Us Strangers Release Date

Although All of Us Strangers made its cinematic debut on August 31 at the 50th Telluride Cinematic Festival, it will have a limited theatrical release on December 22, 2023.

After its theatrical run concludes, the movie can be streamed on Hulu, the same platform that has recently released films from Searchlight Pictures, including Theater Camp and Chevalier.

What is All Of Us Strangers About?

Our main character, Adam (Andrew Scott at his best), is a forty-year-old gay man who lives a solitary existence due to writer’s block while attempting to write the narrative of his parents, who passed away tragically when he was twelve.

His building is a high rise with breathtaking views of London, yet he feels a world away from other people because it is just home to him. That is until Harry (Paul Mescal) knocks on his home while intoxicated.

Even though Harry is desperate for a connection to escape whatever is going on inside his head, he maintains his composure and swings back into the elevator with a half-drunk bottle of whiskey in hand when Adam refuses to let him in.

However, after a while, Adam does open up to Harry, and a love tale begins as both men let down their barriers and at last experience the connection they have both long desired.

The movie only tells half of Adam and Harry’s love story. Adam begins to visit his boyhood home at the same time as he meets and falls in love with Harry. It is the first time Adam has seen his parents, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy, in thirty years after their deaths.

They are slightly younger than Adam is now, but they are the same age as when they passed away. Even though they know they passed away, everything is handled as though they are old friends reuniting after a long separation.

They are eager to learn about Adam’s current activities if he is dating, and every detail of the last thirty or so years. From there, a double storyline unfolds in which Adam faces his past while confronting his future.

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Who Will Be In All Of Us Strangers As Cast?

All of Us Strangers has a small cast of performers, but for those who are in the movie, this will be a wise choice because their roles will steal the show. The central figure of the tale is Adam, played by the eminent actor Andrew Scott, whose credits include several high-profile dramas such as Victor Frankenstein, Denial, 1917, and the James Bond movie Spectre.

Paul Mescal, who starred as Connell in the Hulu limited series Normal People and was nominated for an Oscar in Aftersun, plays Adam’s enigmatic admirer, Harry. Mescal and Saoirse Ronan most recently starred in the science fiction drama Foe.

Next, Mescal will play the title character in the much-awaited Gladiator 2 sequel directed by Ridley Scott.

Claire Foy and Jamie Bell are Adam’s parents, sort of. Foy, who recently performed in Women Talking by Sarah Polley, got an Oscar for her performance in The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II, and with a strong resume of parts in movies such as Rocketman, King Kong, Billy Elliot, and Snowpiercer, Bell is another great performer.

Who Is Making All Of Us Strangers?

Andrew Haigh, who also got credit for writing the screenplay, is the director of All of Us Strangers. Haigh has already served as both writer and director on the films Lean on Pete, 45 Years, and Weekend, so this is not his first time directing and acting in the same production.

Sarah Harvey, Peter Czernin, and Graham Broadbent are the film’s producers. With producer credits on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and The Banshees of Inisherin, Broadbent and Czernin are no strangers to collaboration.

Harvey also contributed to the production of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the motion pictures What’s Love Got To Do With It? and Ticket To Paradise. Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, who wrote the music for the 2022 Bill Nighy film Living, is the film’s composer.  


To sum up, The enigmatic and entrancing drama “All of Us Strangers,” which debuted at the Telluride Drama Festival and has already generated Oscar hype, stars Claire Foy, Jamie Bell, Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott, and Jamie Scott. The film follows Scott’s character, Adam, a solitary writer, as he navigates love, grief, and self-discovery under the direction of Andrew Haigh.​

The movie tells two stories at once, entwining Adam’s interactions with his late parents and his developing infatuation with Harry (Mescal).

This gripping story, which will have a limited theatrical debut on December 22, 2023, and thereafter be available on Hulu, is sure to enthrall viewers with its distinct fusion of romance, mystery, and ghosts of the past. Therefore this is all about the All OfUs Strangers.

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