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Alan Wake 2 Release Date Announced Get Ready for the Thrills!

Alan Wake 2 Release Date: Fans of psychological thrillers and stories that keep you interested have been eagerly expecting to hear when “Alan Wake 2” will be out.  The first game, which came out more than a decade ago, was mysterious and kept players interested. The Finnish company Remedy Entertainment, which made the first game, has been hinting at a second one for a long time. As theories and speculations keep going around, gamers are keeping a close eye out for any official news about when this highly anticipated game will come out.

Alan Wake 2 Release Date

Alan Wake 2 will come out on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Friday, October 27, 2023. This was revealed in a gameplay trailer after a ten-day delay. The game will only be available digitally, not on PS4 or Xbox One.

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The book was supposed to come out on October 17, but that changed. But a recent tweet from the Alan Wake account said that the game has been pushed back because there are so many games coming out in October. Remedy said, “We hope this date change gives everyone more time to play their favorite games.”

Alan Wake 2 Release Date

One of the voice actors for Alan Wake 2, Matthew Porretta, leaked the October release date before the official news. Alan Wake’s voice actor said in an interview for the Monsters, Magic, and Madness podcast that Alan Wake 2 would come out in October, which is now official.

Alan Wake 2 Trailers

We were given a taste of the atmosphere of Alan Wake 2 through its reveal trailer, which was shown to us at The Game Awards in December 2021, when the game was first revealed You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

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Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

The game is not a horror-action game like the original Alan Wake on Xbox 360. Instead, it is a full-fledged survival horror game, and it is Remedy’s first survival horror game.

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We saw some of the scary things that are coming in a gameplay trailer that showed how Remedy is handling the horror genre. In the video, we can see Saga Anderson, who, along with Alan, is also a playable character.

In fact, at Summer Game Fest 2023, it was revealed that Alan Wake 2 has two active characters who are “50/50 split” between Saga and Alan.

At certain points in the game, you will be able to switch between them. This will let you learn more about both of the main characters.

Alan Wake 2 Pre-Orders

Following the official announcement of the game’s release date, Remedy has since provided further details regarding the digital editions that will be made available for purchase.

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For a concise overview, additional information can be found in our Alan Wake II preorder hub. Preordering the game will entitle you to certain in-game benefits, such as an “ornate revolver skin” that may be utilized by the protagonist, Alan, and a Survival Resources Pack that can be utilized by the game’s alternative playable character, Saga.

Alan Wake 2 Release Date

It is noteworthy to mention that the price of Alan Wake II on PlayStation and Xbox platforms is set at $60, whilst on PC through the Epic Games Store, the game is priced at $50.

Alan Wake 2 Development

Alan Wake 2 is being made by Remedy Entertainment using its own game engine, Northlight. Lake told IGN that Alan Wake 2 would be “the best-looking, most beautiful Remedy game ever.” The engine has also been used in games like Control which the company has made before.

“We think that because we know Northlight so well, we can focus on certain things and move them forward, especially for this kind of experience where atmosphere and style are more important than ever.”

Lake also said in his PlayStation Blog post that the company has been coming up with ideas for the next game even when they were working on other things.

“After Alan Wake, I’ve been excitedly working on Alan Wake 2 with a small core team in between every project we’ve made, coming up with different versions of the idea.”

The post also said that this process might have led to versions of Alan Wake 2 that will never be released.

“It’s easy to feel happy and excited now that Alan Wake 2 is finally happening based on our latest version of the idea and not the ones that came before it.”


“Alan Wake 2” is coming out soon, which is a big deal for scary gamers and people who like games with interesting stories.

The popularity of the first game and the promise that the story will continue and grow in the second have caused a feeling of excitement that is hard to contain.

For now, we don’t know when the game will come out, but just the thought of going back into Alan Wake’s strange world is enough to keep gamers on the edge of their seats.

As Remedy Entertainment continues to work its magic behind the scenes, players around the world are getting ready to go on another exciting trip into darkness.

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