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After One Ross portrayed him in an absurd cosplay, Andrew Tate lost his cool.

After Adin Ross pulled a joke on Andrew Tate by making it appear as though he had shaved his head before phoning Tate on Discord, Tate lost his composure and became irrational.

Adin Ross, a popular streamer on Twitch, has been getting to know the controversial influencer Andrew Tate over the course of the previous few months.

Andrew Tate is notorious for his “Top G” mentality and the Hustlers University online course. During the year 2022, he was banned from multiple platforms for his behaviour, including social media.

Andrew Tate lost his cool after Adin Ross played a joke on him during a recent live chat to Discord by pretending as though he had shaved his head but then revealing that he was actually wearing a bald cap instead.

Andrew Tate confused after drawing Adin Ross

During the course of the stream, Adin called Andrew on Discord while simultaneously smoking a cigar and sporting a bald hat.

— Adin, do you have any idea? You’re G. Officially. Andrew remarked, “You went from the realm of trash on the internet to becoming a gangsta.” You were true to your word and shaved your head in the appropriate manner. You have an excellent sense of style.”

However, the accolades did not endure for very long because Adin began to remove his bald head in order to reveal his thick head of hair and announced that he will begin shaving his head again on January 1, 2023.

I take it therefore that you’re not a G, are you Adin? Tate gave his response. “At first I mistook you for a tough guy, but it soon became clear that all you are is a nerd in a baseball cap… Who cares about January 1 when it’s going to be like this forever? You will thereafter be vulnerable to the matrix’s attacks.

Since it is not known whether or not Adin will truly shave his head in the New Year, we will have to wait until the appropriate time to find out what takes place.

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