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After Impressive Performances During the World Cup, the Asking Price for the Code is Anticipated to Increase.

Cody Gakpo, who plays for Manchester United, had a strong showing in the World Cup. He scored goals for the Netherlands in all three of their group stage matches, which were played against Ecuador, Senegal, and Qatar.

His exceptional play for his country has piqued the interest of some of the top clubs in Europe, and they are looking forward to signing him.

The Dutch have qualified for the quarterfinals and are now hoping to get themselves ready for a match against an Argentina team that is in good shape.

According to Foot Mercato, his exploits have caused PSV to increase the price that they are demanding for Gakpo, and United is helpless to do anything about it because the stock price of the company continues to go up.

This season in Europe, he has been the most dedicated player, as evidenced by the 33 goals he has scored across all competitions.

Both Liverpool and Manchester United took notice of what was going on as a result of this.

The winger was estimated to be worth approximately 45 million euros in the summer, which is when Eric ten Hag showed interest for the first time.

Gakpo turned down participation offers from Leeds United and Southampton at that time; nonetheless, he chose to wait for a larger club rather than sign with any of those teams. United were on the verge of making a deal but ultimately decided against it because they would have been required to pay 100 million euros for Anthony and they did not have enough money in their budget to pay for both players.

After his strong play for his club team, the asking price increased to almost 60 million euros before the start of the World Cup.

As a result of the fact that his nation has advanced to the championship round, it is currently believed that he is worth approximately 75 million euros.

The aim for Ten Haga during the January transfer window is to add more players to the roster.

In particular, the head coach will be seeking for a capable player to take the role of Cristiano Ronaldo, who finished the previous campaign as the league’s leading scorer.

Gakpo would almost surely join them at the price of 45 million euros, but a big price increase could imply that Ten Hag will have to hunt for cheaper choices if it wants to dive into the market in January.

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