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Actually I Am Season 2 Release Date – Will the Romantic Comedy Anime Make a Comeback?

Season 2 of Actually I Am As an anime enthusiast, I’m overjoyed to hear about the release. This sitcom’s debut season is both hilarious and sweet, and fans of romantic comedies will not want to miss it.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the show, examine its first season, preview the upcoming second season, and guess the show’s future. Prepare for a long watching session by collecting some snacks. I Am (Jitsu wa Watashi wa) is a romantic comedy anime based on the same-named manga series.

Asahi Kuromine, the main character, is a high school student who has a crush on Youko Shiragami. However, it is revealed that Youko is a vampire who has been keeping her true identity hidden from everyone.

As the novel unfolds, Asahi discovers that some of his classmates are hiding their actual identities, and he is forced to do so while simultaneously attempting to explain his affection for Youko.

Will the Second Season of Actually, I Am Be Canceled or Renewed?

Renewal has become necessary as a result of the need for more fresh content Actually, I am finding the second season challenging. Anime adaptations of light novels, comic books, and video games are typically extended advertisements for the source material. Therefore, they can only exist if advertisements are accessible to the public.

The final chapter of Jitsu wa Watashi War was published in March 2017. Therefore, if no new manga volumes are withdrawn, the anime may never reappear as long as audiences continue to request more and the possibility of a sequel exists. If enough admirers demand it, TMS Entertainment and 3xCube may decide to renew Jitsu wa Watashi wa for a second season.

Potential Release Date for Actually I am in Season 2

We’ve been promised a second season of Jitsu wa Watashi wa for nearly five years, and we’re still waiting. Many reviewers expected more from the anime, although it did impress some viewers.

There is still a sizable populace who believes in a return. Despite great excitement, producers have yet to formally confirm the romantic comedy’s comeback.

What is the Plot of Actually I Am?

The first season of Actually I Am introduced the main characters and established their backstories. Even though Youko is a vampire, as we now know, she is not the only student with exceptional abilities. Nagisa Aizawa, Asahi’s friend, is a werewolf, and Akane Koumoto, the school nurse, is a sorceress.

Shiho Shishido, Asahi’s closest friend, is also concealing a secret from him: she has feelings for him. As the season progresses, Asahi struggles to express his affection for Youko while keeping her a secret from the rest of the school.

Actually I am Season 2 Release Date

Actually, the second season of I Am picks off just where the first season left off. Asahi is still attempting to express himself to Youko, but the presence of other supernatural entities complicates matters.

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Asahi and Youko’s romantic comedy will be more intense, and supernatural beings will engage in more combat to protect their secrets. The show should be just as heartwarming and humorous as the first season, but with some fresh story twists and new characters to keep things fresh.

What Happened at the End of Season 1 of Actually, I Am?

As the end of the first season approaches, Asahi expresses his emotions to Youko. She declines his offer, however, as she struggles to embrace her emotions for him and her newly acquired vampire identity.

The romantic situation becomes more complicated when Asahi discovers that his friend Nagisa has a love on him. Unresolved at the conclusion of the season is an intriguing enigma.

How Many Episodes Will comprise In Actually I Am Season 2?

The production company has not officially disclosed the number of episodes for Actually, I Am’s the second season. However, based on the previous season’s thirteen episodes, it is anticipated that the second season will follow the same format.

This anime adaptation of Eiji Masuda’s light novel series tells the story of a teenager who discovers he is an alien with extraordinary abilities. Fans of the show can look forward to another season filled with captivating narrative twists and character development.

Actually, I am Series Rating

So far, the second season of Actually I Am has received excellent reviews. Many viewers have been won over by the show’s fascinating storyline and engaging tone. MyAnimeList members scored it a 7.3/10, while IMDb users gave it a 7.6/10. The series has received appreciation for its comedy, romance, and character growth.

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