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About Time Filming Locations: Check It Out Here!

Where is the movie “About Time” shot? Fans want to know where Time went in the end, and this post will tell them. Richard Curtis, who wrote and directed Love Actually, wrote and directed the 2013 movie About Time, which stars Domhnall Gleeson as Tim. At age 21, Tim finds out that his dad, James (Bill Nighy), thinks that every man in their family is a time traveler.

Now is the time for Tim to use his superpower to get the girl he wants. It’s a beautiful, sad love story with some science fiction elements. When I watch this movie, my little eyes start to tear up. About Time is about people you’d want to have a beer with, especially at their Cornish ancestral home.

This summer movie is a feel-good rom-com with Bill Nighy as the main character and Richard Curtis as the director. About Time was shot in the summer of 2012 on the southern coast of Cornwall. It is about a couple who travels through time to find love.

“About Time” Filming Locations!

The movie is said to have looked at love and time travel. In the end, it found that you don’t need to travel through time to live your life to the fullest. The main idea of the movie is the relationship between the characters played by Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson, who play father and son.

Vault Beach

Many of the touching things they do together happen on Vault Beach, which is near Gorran Haven. The movie says that Vault Beach is almost a kilometer long and has golden sand. It is eight miles from the Lake family’s beautiful property and is taken care of by the National Trust.

St. Michael Penkevil Chapel

In St. Michael Penkevil Chapel, Tim and Mary said their vows to each other. The 13th- and 14th-century chapel has been in the spotlight before. In 2005, Rowan Atkinson’s hit comedy Keeping Mother had a scene set in the chapel. It is in a small village near Truro and next to the Tregothnan Estates. The village is in a wooded area.

About Time Filming Locations

Village of Portloe on the Roseland

The outside scenes were filmed in the tiny fishing village of Portloe on the Roseland, while the inside wedding scenes were filmed in St. Michael Penkevil Cathedral. In the past ten years, Dawn French and other actresses who are used to being in front of the camera have worked there.

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Portloe Village in Cornwall

Along with the 2006 sitcom Irish Jam, Portloe is a well-liked candidate for the title of the most beautiful village in Cornwall. Site scouts say that Portloe is traditional and unspoiled. As the movie jumps back and forth between London and Cornwall, the family house serves as the southwest mooring, where important events take place.

The Beautiful Grade II-listed Mansion

The beautiful Grade II-listed mansion is a private home, so you can’t go behind the scenes. However, watching the Lake family on TV will make anyone wish they had the front door key. After its players put away their cleats for the year last summer, Saint Austell Rugby Club became a temporary production office for eight weeks.

About Time Filming Locations

About Time Plot

Tim Lake finds out at age 21 that he can go back in time. Tim’s father tells his son that his clan’s men could always travel across Time after yet another disappointing New Year’s party.

Tim decides to make his life better by getting a girlfriend because he can change what happens and has happened in his life, but he can’t change what has happened in history.

Sadly, that’s not as simple as you might think. When Tim moves from the coast of Cornwall to London to become a lawyer, he meets Mary. Mary is beautiful, but she is insecure. They fall in love. Time travel makes it look like he’s never seen her before. They keep meeting for the first time, but in the end, he wins her heart after a lot of clever time travel.

Then, despite a bad traffic jam beyond Abbey Road, Tim uses his power to plan the perfect fairytale wedding, save his wedding from having one of the worst best-man speeches, save his best friend’s career from failing, and get his pregnant wife the hospital in time so that their daughter can be born. Tim learns, though, as his unusual life goes on, that his special talent can’t protect him from the tragedies that happen in all families everywhere.

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