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A Woman is Accused of “Animal Cruelty” After Painting a Dog’s Fur to Look Like a Grinch.

TikToker came under fire after posting a video in which she painted her Schnauzer green and gave it the appearance of a Grinch. Some viewers referred to her actions as “animal cruelty.”

TikTok immediately got into the holiday spirit as the holiday season drew closer. A wide variety of holiday-themed content has already gone popular on the short video platform, and this trend is only expected to continue.

Others have fallen in love with the Christmas tree that comes with everything but the top, while others have already started uploading recordings of the light shows they’ve adorned their homes with. Some viewers have even begun uploading movies. At this moment, there is simply an insufficient amount of snow and automatic anthems on TikTok.

In instance, the level of activity of MondayGray, a TikToker, increased. Her groomer painted her white Schnauzer green to look like the Grinch, which led to her going viral, and some people can’t believe what they’re seeing.

TikTok’s dog turned into a Grinch, and the audience was divided

That’s right, TikToker has racked up more than 8.4 million views on a single post as of the time of this writing just to the simple act of colouring his dog’s fur green. First, the colours green and red. The Grinch is going to need a sweater, that much is obvious.

Some viewers did not share Ashley’s enthusiasm for the makeover and were ready to criticise her. Ashley herself was very delighted with the transformation, noting that the groomer “killed” the festive makeup; however, some viewers did not feel the same way and were quick to criticise her.

One viewer who was less than impressed offered the following commentary: “It feels like animal abuse to me, IDK.” Another person chimed in, saying, “I feel horrible, he or she looks very unhappy.” One person remarked, “Poor thing, he doesn’t appear to like it,” and someone other agreed.

Some viewers argued that the unfavourable remarks were being overly “dramatic,” and they stated that the paint was safe to use around animals, which turned out to be the case. Someone else chimed in and said, “He’s at the groomers, and I’m sure he’s not too happy about it.”

TikToker has shared some additional videos with the dog after it had the metamorphosis, and the dog seemed to be in a good mood. After all, it did go viral, so they definitely deserve a few rewards, including a sincere pet and some tasty snacks.

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