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A Trip Back in Time to the Moment When Adidas Unveiled Its Groundbreaking Yeezy Partnership With Kanye West

Kanye West used to be a famous star, but these days the owner of the Donda Academy has just turned into a simple machine for stirring up controversy. He has been banging his head about Jewish feelings and even criticising his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and all of this has resulted in him being banned from social networks and getting a divorce from a television star. Furthermore, after the anti-Semitic sentiments made by the owner of the Yeezy brand, Adidas severed all ties with him.

It is interesting that the worldwide sportswear company located in Germany opted to boost its position by betting on a collaboration with the king of rap Kanye West. It would appear that they have introduced a new line of Adidas + Kanye West ties, which includes everything from shoes to clothing to accessories and so on. This line, which would provide fierce competition to his previous tie brands such as Nike and would expand Adidas sales in both directions, was launched recently. size and scope.

However, Ye himself led him down the rabbit hole roughly 6 years after he initially shook hands with a sportswear firm. But are you familiar with how it got started? If you haven’t already, allow us to walk you through this passage filled with past experiences.

When Kanye West seemingly had a successful alliance with Adidas.

The most noticeable component of the new partnership is the launch of the Adidas + KANYE WEST retail store line. This is a strategy that the Nike Jordan Brand has perfected to the point where it generates billions of dollars in annual sales. Kanye West was signed to Adidas in 2013 after Adidas stole him away from Nike. Adidas thought that the enhanced collaboration would help it boost its position in comparison to a competitor that still dominated sportswear sales in North America. While Adidas made over $3 billion in 2015 from the market, Nike’s sales for the year totaled to almost $15 billion, making Nike the clear winner.

As one of the most significant partnerships in the annals of business, the German corporation anticipated enormous sales and profits from the collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. According to reports, Yeezy accounts for 10% of the overall income generated by the company, proving that the campaign was a huge success.

However, Adidas terminated the collaboration in October of this year as a response to Ye’s offensive comments directed toward the Jewish people as well as his accusations that his brand partner had supplied shoes to Nazis during the war. Ye’s comments prompted Adidas to take such action. If he hadn’t been the one to start all of these fights, the union could have kept on having an incredible amount of success.

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