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Who is A.R. Rahman and How Did He Put India on the Global Stage?

A.R. Rahman is practically synonymous with music in India. As a musician and composer, Rahman is widely regarded as a genius and a once-in-a-generation artist. In terms of Indian music, he is an outlier and a composer who has pushed boundaries and broken down barriers.

Rahman, dubbed “The Mozart of Madras,” has established himself as one of the greatest Indian composers and musicians, and his exemplary and captivating scores for Hollywood films have brought India to the attention of the international community.

Before A.R. Rahman, no Indian composer had ever been approached or hired to compose the score for a Hollywood film. But that changed once the world heard about his musical abilities and prowess in the Hollywood films for which he composed the original scores.

A.R.  Rahman Bio

A.R. (Allah Rakha) Rahman was born in Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India on January 6, 1967. His father, a composer and conductor for Tamil and Malayalam films at the time, encouraged him to begin piano lessons when he was four years old.

His extraordinary talent was evident as a child, but his father passed away when he was nine. After his father’s death, Rahman and his mother rented out his father’s equipment to support themselves, and Rahman missed school frequently as a youth because he had to work to support his family.

After a discussion with his mother, Rahman quit school to pursue a full-time career as a musician. His musical experience and talent, however, earned him a scholarship to Trinity College of Music in Madras, where he earned a diploma in Western classical music.

A.R. Rahman Put India On The Global

In the 1990s and 2000s, Rahman composed the scores and songs for a wide variety of Indian films, establishing him as a household name and cultural icon in India and earning him some national film awards. As time passed, it became evident that Rahman was a gifted and revolutionary musician and composer, and it was inevitable that Hollywood would soon contact him.

A.R. Rahman Put India On The Global

Despite being from a country where films are produced in a manner vastly dissimilar to that of Hollywood, Rahman has managed to become a global figure and a household name.

While the Indian film industry is currently changing, growing, and emerging from its previous shell, Rahman is the first and most decorated figure from the Indian subcontinent to pave the way for composers, filmmakers, and creatives from India and all over the world to be considered as collaborators with Hollywood filmmakers and productions as well as the entire global cinema industry and landscape.

In recognition of his outstanding work as a composer and musician, Rahman was awarded the Padma Bhushan, one of the highest civilian honours in India, for his accomplishments and success throughout his lengthy career.

AR Rahman has opened the doors of possibility for future generations of Indian composers, filmmakers, and all artists and creatives from India by demonstrating that Indian artists can also contribute significantly to foreign films and productions.

A.R. Rahman Put India On The Global

A.R. Rahman’s success has demonstrated that despite cultural differences, people from different countries and backgrounds can contribute significantly to film, art, creative endeavours, and other industries, as the world moves towards greater globalization and collaborations between people from intersecting cultures spanning the vast global landscape.

Despite his humble beginnings, Rahman has firmly established a lasting legacy and a blueprint for the next generation of youth to follow, regardless of their background, where they’re from in the world, or what industry they’re in, which is an incredibly inspiring story.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AR Rahman’s Influence?

Mani Ratnam’s invitation to compose the score for the 1992 film Roja opened the door for Rahman’s film composing career. “Mani Ratnam served as a mentor for me.”

What is AR Rahman’s Importance?

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