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A Moving Behind-the-scenes Video of Ukrainian Murals by Banksy Was Shared.

See below for a moving behind-the-scenes movie that Banksy has uploaded, in which he documents the creation of his most recent works in Gorenka, Ukraine.

Last week, it was revealed that a mysterious artist from Bristol is the person responsible for seven new works of art that have recently been discovered throughout the troubled country. Borodyanka, a city located to the north of Kiev, was one of the locations.

The construction could be seen both in the city of Kiev proper as well as in its neighbouring suburb of Irpen.

The first one displayed a scene in which two children were swinging on a metal tank trap, and the second one featured a woman wearing curlers and a gas mask while clutching a fire extinguisher. According to HypeArt, the third portion of the video portrayed a man who looked like Vladimir Putin getting knocked to the ground by a toddler while the two were competing in judo.

Yesterday, November 17, Banksy shared a one-and-a-half minute clip on Instagram showing him at work in Gorenka, a small village located on the northwestern suburbs of Kiev, this month. In the clip, Banksy can be seen watching him paint.

The film is accompanied by a traditional song from Ukraine, and it cuts between views of an unknown artist painting using spray paint and stencils, as well as frames showing finished works on a variety of derelict structures.

In addition, there is a brief interview with an unnamed mother that is included in the clip. The interview takes place in front of a destroyed school.

She begins by explaining that “there was a bomb here and a lot of people killed,” before going on to console her child, who was at school at the time. She continues by saying, “Don’t be sad, honey.” “There is no more crying for us to do because we have already shed so many tears.”

You may watch the entire video by clicking the link above.

In the beginning of this year, Russia launched particularly vicious attacks against Khorenko. The shelling that occurred in the early days of the conflict, which started in February, had a significant negative impact on Borodyanka as well. Back in April, the final city that had been occupied by the Russians was finally freed.

In the beginning of this year, the University of Creative Arts bestowed upon Banksy the title of Honorary Professor in recognition of “his humanitarian efforts and the impact he has had on the world art scene.”

Nevertheless, in order to maintain his incognito, he did not show up to the prize ceremony.

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