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A Former Yeezy Employee Revealed How Kanye West Made Her Sit on the Floor.

There is a possibility that Kanye West will be honoured as the person of the year who caused the most controversy. The second half of 2022 delivered a number of troubling pieces of information for the American singer-rapper. In the beginning, he stirred up controversy by making statements that were anti-Semitic. Later on, some of the large businesses that he had previously worked with abandoned him, which resulted in a decrease in his net worth from billionaire to millionaire.

And once again, he found himself in the middle of a scandal after one of his former workers at his company spread the word about his poor behaviour while he was on the job.

What Did Kanye West Say to the Young Designer?

Following the termination of Adidas’ partnership with Yeezy, numerous significant discoveries were uncovered by workers of the company. The most recent allegation was made by a former worker of the company concerning Kanye West’s intolerable behaviour with a young designer girl. This allegation was made by the former worker. According to Business Insider, a former employee of Yeezy who wished to remain anonymous stated that Ye once specifically forced a female designer to sit on the floor for hours after she disagreed with him about something. The employee claimed that Ye made her do this after she disagreed with him about something. Not only that, but he went on to tell her that she did not deserve to be seated at the table.

Former employees who preferred to remain anonymous stated that West purposefully created a toxic work atmosphere at Adidas-Yeezy, and that his behaviour was bad toward people who worked there. They wished to stay anonymous because they did not wish to identify themselves. The nine-year association between the corporation and West came to an end just lately.

According to former workers, West was known to laud certain workers while criticising others, even though he had previously complimented those workers. One of the former workers referred to it as “mind games.” This was an incredibly impolite and unjustifiable behaviour on the part of a man who is revered by many people for his work.

In addition, a number of West’s former colleagues have stated that the musician frequently showed them candid photographs of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The worker asserted that in 2018, when Kanye West presented a candid video of his wife to a man who was there for an interview, Kanye also gave the man the footage. According to Business Insider, however, officials of Yeezy have not yet commented on this matter. Yeezy has not commented on this issue yet. As a result of Adidas’ inquiry into the charges made against the rapper, this comes as a result.

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