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10 Spectacular Island Seeds for Minecraft Version 1.20 Exploration

Minecraft Version 1.20

10 Spectacular Island Seeds for Minecraft 1.20: The way Minecraft makes worlds means that the game can have almost an infinite number of them. Every seed is different, and in some, players even start on islands. These places are great for survival tasks, and they can also be interesting places to build in the sandbox mode.

Both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players can take advantage of the many great island seeds in Minecraft 1.20. The islands in question are all great places to visit, but they are different in size, resources, and built buildings.

Here are 10 island Minecraft seeds that are viable for living and construction.

Plains/stony shore survival (Bedrock)

If Minecraft fans want an island seed for a survival island challenge, the Bedrock Edition seed -1990011782 could be a good choice.

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Players will start on a small island that has both a plains biome and a rocky shore biome, as well as a single oak tree in the plains biome.

Even though getting resources will be hard, there are a few good things to take advantage of on the island. Treasure chests with useful things can be found at (X: 8 Z: -168), (X: 24 Z: -248), and (X: 8 Z: -312).

Balanced village island (Bedrock)

Getting started in Survival Mode on the number -1814576922 for Bedrock Edition should be much easier than it was on the island before it was on this list.

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With this seed, players start on an island with plains and a flower forest. From the spawn point, they can see a town. Because the flower forest biome is there, players will have all the wood they need right away to build a house. If not, the locals don’t mind if fans stay with them to get away from the angry crowds.

Desert Survival Island (Java)

The desert biomes in Minecraft are not normally known for their ease of survival, yet despite this, there are some players who are up to the challenge. The Java Edition seed 65646 places players in the middle of a barren island with no vegetation other than a few cacti and a coastline made of stones.

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A shipwreck can be found at coordinates (X: -248 Z: -152) and (X: -184 Z: 232) respectively, while a ruined portal can be found in the water next to coordinates (X: 24 Z: 264). Both of these locations are fortunate in that they hold useful items.

A Tale of Two Villages (Java)

It’s always wonderful to have alternatives in Minecraft, and the same holds true for the several kinds of settlements you can build in the game.

The island that spawns when you use the seed 6943313000000016 has a plains biome, and there are plenty of beaches and two villages right in front of you when you first arrive. One of the towns is a typical settlement found in the plains, while the other one has been deserted.

Fans can either begin work on the plains settlement from this location or, once the abandoned village has been cleared out, they can begin work on renovating it.

Multi-Biome Island

The Java seed 5685761492797 is very different from most Minecraft seeds. Most Minecraft seeds give you a small island or an island with only a few biomes or buildings. Players start out on a big island that has almost every type of Overworld biome on it. If that wasn’t enough, there are also a lot of randomly produced buildings to find and explore.

Fans start out in a jungle biome, but the closest town is a long way away at (X: -720 Z: 624). Before going that way, players might want to set up a place to stay.

 Mountain Island (Java and Bedrock)

Over the years, Minecraft’s ability to make mountains has only gotten better, and this type of scenery is great for mining and building.

Since this is the case, players can use the seed 199312604094 on both Java and Bedrock to find a large start island with multiple biomes and long mountain ranges.

What people do with this island is up to them, but there are so many ways to build and survive on it that there are almost no limits.

Savanna Structures (Java and Bedrock)

If Minecraft players like to explore produced buildings and caves, this island seed might be a good choice. -In Java Edition, the 4378343262732970965 command drops players on a raised grass island with a shipwreck at (X: 8 Z: 8) and ocean ruins at (X: 24 Z: 40).

That’s all well and good, but this seed also works pretty well on Bedrock Edition. The Bedrock version of this savanna island has an old city that players can reach from the surface of the island at (X: -168 Y: -51 Z: -248) if they are careful.

Precarious Peaks (Java)

The seed 8344647710 features a plethora of scenery with varying heights, including a high-reaching mountain that comes dangerously close to exceeding the height restriction.

The terrain on this island is treacherous, and there is a sufficient amount of forest cover to encourage the spawning of hostile monsters. The good news is that there are villages located at (X: 16 Z: 0) and (X: 0 Z: -704) that players can visit in order to find some relief.

When fans of Minecraft are ready for some serious research below, they can also find an old city at (X: -200 Y: -51 Z: 88) in a nearby mountain range on the periphery of the island. This location can be reached by traveling through a mountain tunnel.

Village and Pillage (Bedrock)

In the seed -2905686047069235898, players will spawn directly on top of a forest mansion, so they won’t have much time to get ready before the game begins. As they make their way down from the structure’s rooftop, they will discover that there is a village just adjacent to it at (X: 120 Z: 136), as well as a neighboring pillager outpost located at (X: 120 Z: 88).

If the players want to keep the village unharmed, they will have to rapidly take control of the pillager outpost before the villagers make their way to the village. Only then will the village be safe. The clearing out of the woods mansion is another fantastic method to stake your claim on the island, but that can wait for now.

Tiny Island Treasures (Java)

The Java number -8496124488663064751 is a good choice for Minecraft players looking for quick loot to get started in their world. Players start out on a small island with a town and two blacksmith shops that they can loot. A shipwreck full of water is right off the coast for a few extra things.

Fans can find a hidden treasure chest on the northern coast of the spawn island at (X: -327 Z: -567), which makes things even better.


In the end, these 10 amazing island seeds for Minecraft version 1.20 offer a wide range of exciting and creative ways to explore and build.

These seeds have something for every kind of explorer, whether you want a peaceful tropical oasis or a hard survival experience on a remote island.

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