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What Happened to Sick Valorant?

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

People want to know what happened to Sick Valorant. Read this story to find out what Sentinel’s Sick did and learn more about him.

Who is Sick Valorant?

Sick is a well-known professional Valorant player who plays for a group called Sentinels. He is known for his aggressive way of fighting and his great gaming skills, which have helped his team win many events and competitions. SicK used to play for Team Rossy. The last time he played was on December 5, 2022, against Team Subroza.

He is getting ready for the upcoming VCT 2023 – Americas League race and has made a total of $114,050.00 in his career so far. He has played 6087 games, and his rating is now 1.17.

Last year, after the roster mania, SicK was named as the replacement player for Sentinels, but he hasn’t played professionally since May 2022.

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

Hunter “SicK” Mims of the band Sentinels has just been let out of jail after spending 11 days there after being arrested on March 4. After a fight at a Ferrari dealership in Texas, which was shared on his Twitter account but has since been taken down, he was taken into custody.

SicK was charged with criminal trespassing because he refused to leave the store when asked to.

Sentinels paid his $5,000 bond and flew his sister in to help get him out of jail. But the group has put SicK on hold until the training is done. Rob Moore, the CEO of Sentinels, said that he hoped they could help Sick through this hard time.

Sick Valorant Jail

A Valorant player named Sick was caught on March 4 for criminal trespassing and taken to the Collin County Jail in Dallas, Texas. For a Class B Misdemeanor, he was jailed with a $5,000 bond.

The Law Office of Andrew Williams says he could get a fine of up to $2,000 or 180 days in jail if he is found guilty. The thing that got him arrested happened at a Ferrari showroom, and he wrote about it on Twitter.

Dot Esports says that Sick wouldn’t leave the shop after a worker asked him to. He also said the police were engaged and called the business “disrespectful.”

Sources say that Sick is having personal problems and that other players, family, and friends have helped him. ShahZam, his former rival, has asked him in public to call him back.

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Sick Valorant Girlfriend

SicK Valorant has not said anything about his relationship situation in public. He doesn’t talk about his personal life, so no one knows if he’s single or in a relationship.

But in one of his YouTube videos, SicK was seen with a streamer named Kissubie, who was later revealed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Kissubie said in a Twitch show that they used to be in an open relationship, but that they broke up and no longer talk to each other.

No one knows why they broke up, but rumors say that Kissubie stopped the relationship when she found out that SicK was seeing someone else while they were in an open relationship.

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