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Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers: Is Draken Back in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers

Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers: Numerous characters have met tragic and unexpected ends throughout the Tokyo Revengers narrative, from Emma to others who have repeatedly tried to save. Fans were devastated by Draken’s death and are left wondering if he will return.

Who is Draken in Tokyo Revengers?

Officially known as Ken Ryuguji, Draken is a pivotal figure in the Tokyo Revengers narrative. Although he joined the Brahman motorcycle gang in an alternate universe, he is currently the commander of the Tokyo Manji Gang and one of the gang’s four original members.

He’s a big, brawny teen who enjoys fighting and flaunts a rather wild personality, which gets him into some pretty precarious situations. When compared to some of the other Tokyo Revengers characters, he is portrayed as more mature and responsible, and he is extremely protective of Mikey and his other pals.

Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers

Draken has perished multiple times throughout the Tokyo Revengers saga. During one time jump, Takemichi prevents Draken from dying by stabbing an opponent instead. However, upon his return to the future, he discovers that Draken has already perished as a result of some other event.

Draken was either already dead, on the verge of death, or slated to be slain in the future, and his fate seemed to be predetermined all along, but one death in particular stuck out to admirers. In one version of events, Takemichi Hanagaki prevented Hina’s murder and the two went on to have a happy marriage.

Despite this seemingly ideal situation, Mikey, who had already died multiple times in Tokyo Revengers, was still AWOL. Draken cautioned Takemichi to beware of Mikey, saying that he wasn’t the same person they remembered and that no one had seen Mikey in over a decade. Mikey had morphed into a despotic dictator, ruling over some of Japan’s most violent criminal organizations.

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Is Draken Back in Tokyo Revengers?

Fans of Tokyo Revengers all over the world wept when it appeared that Draken was permanently dead. Fans of Tokyo Revengers were devastated by the death of one of the show’s most recognizable and beloved characters, especially because he volunteered to take the bullet and save Takemichi.

A panel in the Tokyo Revengers manga series depicting Draken’s ghost being welcomed by Emma’s spirit after his death also suggested that he would not return. Many, however, were quick to point out that, because time travel is such an integral part of Tokyo Revengers, he might theoretically come back.

The fact that Draken’s death was so swift and unimportant, nearly overlooked in favour of the conflict between the Three Deities, lent credence to this theory. His memorial service was quick and understated, leading many to believe that his passing was only transitory. It was clear that Mikey wasn’t the most trustworthy person right now, but even he didn’t seem to be really affected by Draken’s death.

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Because Draken’s death wasn’t as shocking and emotional as it could have been, many viewers doubted it was the end. Mikey’s determination to seek assistance served as the catalyst for Takemichi’s last-ditch effort to right the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Draken Still Alive in Tokyo Revengers?

During their conversation, Naoto reveals that Draken was killed on August 3, 2005, during an incident with Mikey and that averting this tragedy is crucial to altering the current. Soon after his time travel adventure, Takemichi meets Emma, a girl who is friendly with the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and is eventually invited to one of their gang meetings.

How Did Draken End Himself on Death Row?

He was sentenced to death for carrying out Kisaki’s orders to murder. Draken informs Takemichi that he, too, is in peril and that he must immediately leave Tokyo. Toman’s Mikey was a hero to Kisaki, and he wanted to be just like him. However, animosity quickly developed.

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