Zee5 Unlock: The Haunted App Movie Review: Hina khan Impress again

Two years ago, the Blue Whale game killed nearly 250 people in the world. At the end of this game, the player is asked to commit suicide. According to the report, this game is completed in many tasks where the admin tells what he has to do in each task. Leaving the game also threatens. Death in the end. It is definitely remembered within 10 minutes of watching the new film of Zee5. However, it is completely different from that.

This 58-minute film by Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon reveals the dangerous world of the app. This is the story of Amar and Suhani. Suhani is in love with Amar. Amar is in a relationship with Suhani’s friend. With the help of digital and apps, Suhani keeps trying to know what is going on in Amar’s love life.

For this, she uses the intelligence camera. Meanwhile, she gets trapped in the Unlock’s world. Where he is given three tasks in the desire to find Amar. The story of Unlock is threaded on it. This story, which is paralyzed by the horror and the thriller, is completely carried by Hina Khan on her shoulder. Kushal Tandon looks good in his character.

Zee5 Unlock: The Haunted App Movie Trailer

The biggest feature of this film is that it has not been practiced to stretch. It is kept to the point, tying in the horror-thriller. Hina Khan appears on the upper surface of the story with her emotion. Hina Khan maintains suspense and fear in the role of Suhani amid the Count’s Dialogue. The plot of this film is normal.

Zee5 Unlock: The Haunted App Movie Review

Within the first 10 minutes of the film, there is an eagerness to know who is the master of this dark black shadow. The ending disappoints you. Director Debatma Mandal’s specialty in trying to scare has been that the correct use of the background score has managed to cover the story until the end. There is no denying that Hina Khan takes the audience to the end easily in this flat screenplay. She is the star of this story.

Director: Debatma Mandal
Cast: Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya
Language: Hindi
Streaming on: Zee5
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