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Zee5 REJCTX 2 Web Series Review: It’s the show itself that should be rejected

In a day and age when Indian audience is being exposed to digital content through platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney and others our own Indian platforms are expected to raise their game and when we think they are taking this seriously with series like MOM (Zee5, Balaji), Asur (Voot), Kaafir (Zee5) we get series like Rejctx2 and we are put again on the backfoot.

Ok first thing first, the series shouldn’t have been made in the first place forget about making a sequel. I mean why would you want to watch a low-grade copy of Elite, Riverdale, Gossip Girls, High school musical, pretty little liars and god knows what put together when all these shows are already available to our audience.

Talking about the show, the second season starts with the mysterious death of Anushka Rao played by Kubra Sait and the suspect is Aarav Sharma. Police officer Rene played by Esha Gupta is assigned to investigate the case. Things get complicated when Aarav’s doppelganger comes into the picture and a mysterious Mr. X starts blackmailing the Rejctx for his ulterior motives. In between all this humdrum you get your usual dose of music, dance fights.

The world in which the story is set up, I mean where is this place. There are murders, suicide, adult Shoots, underground fighting tournament and all this is taking place in a high school.

Coming to the finer points, Acting is not good, songs are not catchy or hummable, and the adult scenes are not good. It hurts to see a good actor like Sumeet Vyas get wasted in a show like this.

About the writing, the screenplay is totally unimaginative and in dialogues when you hear lines like “tu mr. X hai, arey tu to hamaara bhi ex hai aur mr. X bhi.” you want to kill yourself. Scenes are set up to just take the story from point A to point B without making the audience get involved and sometimes the adult scenes look forced just for the sake of it.

All in all a totally forgettable experience that you could skip easily. Supposed to be a thriller the show comes across as cringe and unintentionally funny. Summing it up in the lines of a song in the first season “theek hai na”- nahin bhai theek nahin hai. please don’t make shows like these. 

Goldie Behl’s second season of the Zee5 show raises only one question “Why?”

Show’s Name – REJCTX 2

Director – Goldie Behl

Cast – Sumeet Vyas, Esha Gupta, Ahmed Masi Wali, Anisha Victor, Ayush Khurana.

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