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Zee5 Orignal Mafia Web Series Review: Ready to Play a Game

For the past few years, many great films and web series have been released continuously on OTT platforms. Now ZEE5 has also recently released a thriller crime web series ‘Mafia’ for its users.

Each episode of this eight-episode web series is about 30–35 minutes. If you too are thinking about watching it, then first know what the ‘Mafia’ is like.

Know who is the mafia?

The name of this web series might have made you think that this is the story of a gangster, but not a mafia gangster, but the name of a game played by six college friends.

The story follows six best friends Neha (Anandita Bose), Ananya (Isha Saha), Tanya (Madhurima Rai), Rishi (Tanmay Dhanania) Hrithik (Saurabh Srivastava) and Sam (Aditya Bakshi). After finishing college, all of them instead of going to their respective homes go to Madhuvan in Jharkhand.

What would happen six years ago?

Rishi’s father’s bungalow is in the middle of the forest of Madhuvan. These drunk people come here and do something after which they do not remain the best friend.

After six years, these people again come to this bungalow for Reunion and their game starts, ‘Mafia’, during this time they start coming in front of them tomorrow. You have to see this web series to know what happened six years ago.

Zee5 Mafia Trailer

Zee5 Mafia Review

If you don’t have something good to watch at the moment, you can watch it. The expectations of its trailer had increased, all those expectations have been dashed as soon as the web series was released.

Well, you will like the work of some new artists and the events happening in the deserted darkness. Which made it a thriller.
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