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Zee5 Lalbazaar Web Series Review: Ajay Devgn Making Impact

Ajay Devgan was in discussion for the last few days. It was being said that Ajay is going to bring something on the OTT platform which will be a bang. Finally, that clock has arrived. Ajay Devgan’s produced web series Lalbazaar has been released on Zee5. The specialty of this web series is the police, who have been shown to sensibly scare off criminals.

Lalbazaar Web Series Story

The backdrop of the story is Kolkata. The web series revolves around Kolkata’s Lalbazaar Police Head Quarters. The web series shows how one interesting case of crime comes in this headquarters and the police have to fight a lot to solve them. All kinds of choices have to be faced.

Lalbazaar Web Series Cast Performance

In this case, Ajay Devgan’s Lalbazaar has defeated the other Indian series. In Lal Bazar, whether special inspector Suranjan Sen in the special cell is Kaushik Sen who plays Baka or people like Gaurav Chakraborty, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Sauraseni Maitra, Hrishita Bhatt, Subrata Dutta, Vijay Singh, Anirban have all given their best.

After Kaushik, it is only Hrishita Bhatt whose work in this series is nothing short of a visual treat in itself.

Lalbazaar Web Series Trailer

Lalbazaar Web Series Review

So far, we have gathered praise for this web series and told that after a long time, Bollywood has brought something good, so it must be seen by the audience who are hungry for a good Indian crime thriller. If this web series and its content is not for children, it is better that children stay away from it. Lalbazaar is a perfect entertainer. We claim that when you start watching it once, you will wake up after finishing it and at the same time you will be eagerly waiting for its season 2.
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