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Chintu ka Birthday Release Date: Where Can I Watch Chintu Ka Birthday in USA?

Devanshu Singh and Satyanshu Singh wrote and directed the Indian Hindi-language comic drama film Chintu Ka Birthday. Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, and Gursimran Khamba of All India Bakchod create it under the brand First Draft. The film, which stars Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome, Seema Pahwa, and Vedant Chibber, depicts the story of Chintu, a 6-year-old kid who is stuck in Iraq with his family during Saddam’s collapse in April 2004.

Chintu ka Birthday Plot

The film depicts the story of a young kid named Chintu who is stranded in Iraq with his family during the period of Saddam Hussein’s downfall. Chintu is just six years old. April of 2004 has arrived. One year has passed since the arrival of coalition forces led by the United States in Iraq. According to the Indian authority, all of the Native Americans have been returned to their homes.

However, there are people who came to Iraq illegally and are still looking for a means to leave the country. One of these families is getting ready to celebrate the sixth birthday of their youngest member, Chintu, on the day when this narrative takes place. Their good-hearted Iraqi landlord, Mehdi, provides them with assistance in some way.

They have to cope with a lot of problems, such as not being able to locate a cake, the old oven not working properly, problems with the decoration, problems with the gifts, etc. Despite this, the family has decided that they will celebrate his birthday regardless of the circumstances.

Chintu ka Birthday

Chintu had a friend named Waheed in high school, and Waheed was involved in the smuggling of CDs, drugs, and literature related to Jihad. He had earlier provided Chintu with some of his CDs featuring material associated with Jihad, which Chintu’s parents find objectionable.

Mehdi is startled when there is an explosion from a bomb, and he immediately begins searching anxiously for a way to exit the house. He makes a request to Chintu’s family to hide him, and after they grant his request, he goes into the storeroom and hides. After some time has passed, two American soldiers named Louis and Reed enter their residence in order to seek for the individuals who were responsible for the bomb attack.

While Louis has been in Iraq for some time, Reed is a newcomer to the country. Chintu’s dad, Madan, keeps a level head and brings peace to the chaotic circumstances. When Mehdi shouts because there are rats in the storeroom, the troops are about to leave because they have completed their mission successfully. The soldier moves rapidly to remove him from the area and then detains the two of them.

The situation has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. The soldiers make a request for a convoy to transport the prisoners, but they are told that the coast is not secure enough for the convoy to proceed.

After some time has passed, Waheed and a girl show up at the birthday party. It was revealed that Waheed is familiar with Louis, which led to a playful back and forth between the two. Mehdi makes his getaway while everyone else is preoccupied by taking advantage of the distraction. While Reed holds his position, Louis gives chase. In later stages, the two lose radio contact with one another.

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Chintu ka Birthday Cast

  • Vinay Pathak as Madan Tiwary
  • Tillotama Shome as Sudha Tiwary
  • Seema Pahwa as Nani (Sudha’s mother)
  • Vedant Chibber as Chintu (Son of Madan & Sudha Tiwary)
  • Bisha Chaturvedi as Lakshmi (Daughter of Madan & Sudha Tiwary)
  • Khalid Massou as Mahdi (Iraqi Landlord of Tiwary’s)
  • Nate Scholz as Darren Reed (American Soldier)
  • Reginald L Barnes as Louis Jackson (American Soldier)
  • Mehroos Ahmad Mir as Waheed (Iraqi classmate of Chintu)
  • Amina Afroz as Zainab (Iraqi classmate of Chintu)
  • Sanjay Mishra as Chintu’s Grandfather (Voice only)
  • Sheela Srivastava as Chintu’s Grandmother (Voice only)

Awards and nominations

Award Category Recipient(s) Result
Filmfare OTT Awards Best Web Original Film ZEE5 Nominated
Filmfare OTT Awards Best Actor (Male) Vinay Pathak Nominated
Filmfare OTT Awards Best Supporting Actor (Female) Seema Pahwa Won

Is Chintu Ka Birthday Family Friendly?

Both the reviewers and the audience members have been extremely enthusiastic about it. Chintu Ka Birthday is a family-friendly show that succeeds by focusing on sweetness and straightforwardness. Jun 11, 2020

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Where Can I Watch Chintu Ka Birthday in the USA?

You can currently watch “Chintu Ka Birthday” online on Zee5, VI movies, and tv.

Chintu ka Birthday

Chintu ka Birthday Release date

The film was screened in 18 cities during the Jagran Film Festival in 2019 which received tremendous response from all over the place, with Najitan winning the Best Film (Viewer’s Choice Award). Will the world come together to cut Chintu’s cake or will it spoil its happiness? Join Chintu in this unconventional journey as ‘Chintu’s Birthday’ will premiere exclusively on Zee5 on 5 June 2020.

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