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Young Justice Season 4: Overview, History, Production, Cast, Directors and Writers!

Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman created the cartoon series Young Justice for Cartoon Network. Instead of being an adaptation of Peter David, Todd Dezago and Tyler Perry’s Young Justice comic book, it is an original DC Universe story with an emphasis on teenage and young adult superheroes in the DC universe.

Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, and Artemis are among a squad of young superheroes and sidekicks known only as “the team,” who show a striking similarity to the Teen Titans. A gang of teenage heroes, known as “the Team,” is a splinter group of the well-known adult superhero organisation, the Justice League, but they operate outside of the constraints of the more recognised superhero team.  Superheroes are a relatively recent phenomenon, and supervillains have begun working together in a great conspiracy on behalf of a cabal of prominent villains known as the Light in a fictional reality separate from the previous DCAU and other continuity (identified at one point as Earth-16.

Justice’s Son

Young Justice’s upcoming fourth season, which follows on from Young Justice: Outsiders, is titled “Phantoms” and will have 26 episodes. On July 20, 2019, at the DC Universe panel at Comic-Con, it was confirmed.

Young Justice Season 4
On October 16, 2021, DC FanDome surprised fans by releasing the first two episodes of the series. After the conclusion of season four, DC Comics released Young Justice: Targets on April 6, 2022, a six-issue series. Until then, each issue of DC Universe Infinite will be available only on the DC Universe Infinite platform. Each issue also includes a supplementary tale that details previously unseen episodes from the show’s earlier seasons. On the 24th of June 2022, the first issue will be released.


The First Season of the Show

While seeking to establish themselves as proven superheroes, a gang of teenage sidekicks grapple with adolescent challenges in their personal lives in Young Justice. Vietti has referred to this time period as “a new age of heroes” for the show.

The mentors Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow welcome Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy (later revealed to be a clone of the real Roy Harper) to visit the Hall of Justice and sit in on a meeting of the Justice League. However, at the last minute, they are unable to attend. Speedy resigns as a sidekick in protest. To prove themselves, the other three take this chance to investigate a fire at Cadmus Labs. They discover a clone of Superman, named Superboy, while they are there. As a result of his liberation, they gain insight into Cadmus’ criminal actions. The sidekicks impress Batman and the rest of the Justice League, so they agree to form a covert mission team for the League. A previous Justice League headquarters, Mount Justice, has been hollowed out and is now home to Batman’s Young Justice organisation. They are taught by Black Canary and given tasks by Batman while Red Tornado keeps an eye on them.



Because the new season was already in production at the time of its announcement, the showrunners promised that the main focus would be on the beloved season one characters.

Voice recording began in October 2019 and was finished by July 1, 2020.[6] After two years, four months, and twenty days, the season was completed on December 10, 2021[8].

Anthrax outbreak caused by a virus known as COVID-19

During a Q&A session at the DC FanDome on September 12, 2020, Weisman mentioned that their crew has been working from home on season 4. COVID-19 had not slowed pre-production, but voice actors were recording their lines one-on-one instead of in groups.  Greg Weisman went into great detail about the process:

We recorded the first half of the season the same way we’ve done it for years now, with the exception of a few actors who had to be brought in at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts.The pandemic forced us to cease recording around halfway through the season. So, in order to keep our board artists supplied with vocal tracks and working (from home), we started recording scratch tracks, using myself, Brandon, voice director Jamie Thomason, Talent coordinator Laura Lopez, editor Cris Mertens, and my wife and kids to do it.

Recording actors from their own homes was the next step in the process. They’ve invested a lot of time and money on their home studios. For some, things are a bit different. Despite the fact that we weren’t video-conferencing with them, we were still able to communicate via audio.

As a result, we moved our recordings from BangZoom Studios to Atlas Oceanic Picture & Sound, which had a booth with a door that opened directly onto their parking lot, where they could be mixed in peace. Actors may then pull up and wait in their car until they were needed. They could then enter the studio unhindered, with no need to make eye contact with anyone else. In the control room, the engineer was speaking, and the rest of us, even Jamie, could hear it. Afterwards, the booth would be cleaned and ready for the next performer to enter once that actor had finished. Some of our performers were still working from home, but the majority of them travelled to Atlas to work. Ultimately, it was up to the actor to decide.

In the words of Greg Weisman


  • In the role of the Oracle, Alyson Stoner
  • Crispin Freeman portrays Will Harper
  • Megan Morse/Miss Martian is played by Danica McKellar.
  • “Beast Boy” actor Greg Cipes
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing, portrayed by Jesse McCartney in the film
  • Casting call for Zatanna, played by Lacey Chabert
  • Superboy (Conner Kent) as played by Nolan North

Young Justice Season 4

  • Artemis Crock/Tigress, Stephanie Lemelin in the lead role.
  • Tara Markov/Terra, played by Tara Strong
  • As Halo, Zehra Fazal plays Violet.

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  • Robinson’s Cyborg alter-ego Zeno Robinson
  • The crew of the film.


Creative Director, Art Director, and Writer: Brandon Vietti
Writer/Producer/Story Editor/Developer Greg Weisman


There are 9 episodes of Christopher Berkeley
episodes of Christina Sotta

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Eight episodes of Vinton Heuck


  • Aaron Sparrow – a single instalment
  • In one episode, Akira “Mark” Fujita is featured.
  • a single episode of Andrew Blanchette
  • Episodes aired by Brandon Vietti – 4
  • Brian Hohlfeld appeared in one episode of the show.
  • One episode of Charlotte Fullerton
  • One episode of Francisco Paredes.
  • One episode of Giancarlo Volpe.
  • Six episodes of Greg Weisman
  • One episode of Jake Baumgart
  • a single episode of Jim Krieg
  • One episode of Khary Payton
  • The only episode featuring Kevin Grevioux there is
  • a single episode of Mae Catt
  • A single episode of Nicole Dubuc
  • One episode of Nida Chowdhry
  • There is only one episode of Taneka Stotts.
  • Expected Plot and Spoilers for the 25th episode of Young Justice Season 4

Young Justice Season 4

We’re here to discuss the upcoming episode of Young Justice Season 4, Episode 25, which the fans can’t get enough of. When it comes to an animated superhero programme, it’s hard to argue with the success of Young Justice. The show has received an enthusiastic response from its fans, and now everyone is eager to see what fresh episodes have in store for them in the future.

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In addition, Young Justice has played a significant role in the show’s four seasons, and the fourth season is presently airing, with a major story arc that is only getting more compelling with each passing episode.

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