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Yellow Lightsaber: How It Got Formed?

I know many of you are curious to know about Yellow lightsaber. Many of you know about it and many of you want hear more about it. So, you all are at right place. Here we are going to tell you everything related to Yellow lightsaber. So, let’s begin with it.

Whoever had seen the Star Wars films and want to dug in the franchise canon knows about lightsaber. Lightsaber is an elegant energy sword or weapon for some specific age group. It has variety of colors. Blue and Green represent the two schools which are biggest at the thought within Jedi Order.

Green is used by the consular. This consular use to focus on there mental health or knowledge of the force.

Blue is most commonly used by the hands of the Guardians. These Guardians who focus on learning combat to become warriors. They have aligned themselves with dark side, most notably lords, flash red lightsaber of the combat.

Purple Lightsaber? Mace violet color blade was introduced in the franchise because actor Jackson personally requested to the Star Wars creator to bring purple lightsaber as it is his favorite color.

Yellow Lightsaber

Yellow Lightsaber and the Sentinels

A lightsaber color is revealed or identified by something about its personality and their wielder. The crystals use to take a color once they had been gathered a bond with the crystal and the saber user which has been formed during the creation of weapon.

How Yellow lightsaber got formed?  They got formed from an unstable red saber crystal, and when it got purified by Jedi Jaden Korr this crystal turned yellow. So, it was decided to grant it as third lightsaber.

As like blue and green lightsaber yellow lightsaber got an important school associated with the thought within Jedi Order: that of the sentinels. Sentinels seeks to balance between the Consular and the Guardians. They wished to educate themselves on many other practical aspects of life such as techniques.

This is not like Jedi other orders, Sentinels recognize that actually this force isn’t the solution to everything.

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Sentinels in the Star Wars Universe

It is suggesting that perhaps the reason so few yellow saber are seen in the era of the Clone Wars by Star Wars Reading Club. This is because so few Sentinels still exist in the Jedi Order, with the category division between Consular or Guardian.

There is another theory in which the sentinels focus on there energy on learning skills outside of the force. They might be still existing but remain very low on the radar that they are rarely have to whip out their yellow lightsaber.

The real-world skilled warriors are outside of the Jedi Temple as they didn’t require to stay in combat and use combat. These warriors had their resort to there real-world knowledge that wouldn’t had required them to show there lightsaber skills.

Yellow Lightsaber

Yellow Lightsaber on Star Wars: the Clone Wars

Yellow Lightsaber are most commonly seen in the Jedi temple guard in the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars. The Temple Guards wield double-bladed yellow saber. They use this weapon much like the dual-ended red weapon Darth Maul hefted before it was sliced in half. These lightsaber doesn’t belong to the Temple Guards personally, they are instead the property of the position they hold.

Luke Skywalker has wielded with both a green lightsaber and a blue lightsaber across the nine-movie Skywalker Saga, and in Marvel Comics’ 2020 Star Wars collection. It famed Jedi actually has a secret yellow lightsaber.

Green Lightsaber is formed by Skywalker himself. And blue lightsaber is one passed down from his father.

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Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber in Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker

Fans finally witnessed someone wield one in The Rise of Skywalker, after never seeing a yellow lightsaber appear on the silver screen in the Star Wars film franchise.

During the final scene of this film, Daisy is briefly shown holding a yellow saber, this scene is constructed from the section of the staff as they used to swing it in pre- Jedi days. You know about it I think, the one who pieced together from junk scraps on Jakku? Yes! That one.

Yellow Lightsaber

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Special About a Yellow Lightsaber?

There specific roles like the temple guards all used yellow crystals to power their lightsaber.

Is Yellow the Rarest Lightsaber?

Yellow lightsaber are some of the rarest blades to be wielded by a member of the Jedi Order.

Who Is the Best Jedi With a Lightsaber?

Also, all three became lightsaber instructors to many younglings.


Yellow Lightsaber has their specific role as the temple guards. They use their crystals to increase the strength of there lightsaber. Yellow Lightsaber got formed from an unstable red saber crystal, and when it got purified by Jedi Jaden Korr this crystal turned yellow. generally, yellow lightsaber are meant to be the rarest blades to be displayed or flaunted by a member.

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