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Www Yuvajosh in : Concept, Prizes, Syllabus, Law and Where You May Register?

Download the Yuvajosh app from www. Yuva Josh is an online portal that provides information on new job vacancies and examinations in government offices, the public sector, the police, the teaching department, the defence services, and banks, among other places of employment. Government job searchers can also discover online test series that provide an overview of the site’s live exams, which are available to anybody who visits the site.

Www. Is the Website ? Where You May Register the Yuva Josh App

Candidates can only register for the Yuva josh after downloading and installing the programme on their mobile devices. It was first released on the 18th of September, 2018, and it is currently accessible in a 1.0 version for Android users. The Yuva Josh app for Android users requires a minimum of version 4.0.3 or higher to be downloaded.

Www Yuvajosh in

After downloading the app, users must complete the registration process by visiting the Registration link. There is a link to the download page on that page. After you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to fill in the necessary information for the registration procedure. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to successfully navigate through the Yuva Josh application and obtain information on numerous online applications.

Online Exam at in 2021

Yuva Josh, for example, is an app that publishes information on government job openings and exams, which is becoming increasingly popular. This type of platform makes it easy for applicants and job searchers to obtain pertinent information such as exam dates, exam centres, method of examination, and other pertinent information. The app has lately revealed information about online exams scheduled for 2021, as well as other pertinent material.

Yuvajosh Examination in the Year 2021

Logging into the Yuva Josh portal with their registered email address is the best way for candidates to obtain their admit cards for the year 2021. Within the portal, there are regular updates on various government vacancies, results, admit card availability and examinations that are published in the news area of the portal. Yuva Josh is a free-to-use portal that gives users access to a wide range of pertinent information.

Yuvajosh Result District wise GK Competition winner List www. 2020 Yuvajosh Result District wise GK Competition winner List www. 2020
An examination for General Knowledge Competitive Examination was held in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh on the occasion of the 76th birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna and former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi’s death. The exam was held online from September 13th to September 14th, 2020. Even before this, the Rajiv Gandhi district-level general knowledge examination was held in the previous year, according to the government.

  • In this system, awards are being given out in every district.
  • The first reward will be a laptop computer.
  • A mobile phone will be awarded the second prize, and a tablet computer will be awarded the third prize.

All applicants who took part in this examination are thus advised that the results of the examination for all districts, as well as the names of the winners, have been made available on the Yuva Josh official website for public viewing. You can find out how you did by going to the official website of yuvaJosh and entering your information. You must first choose your district to see the results. After that, the list will be downloaded to a PDF file for further viewing.

A study done by the Indian National Congress Uttar Pradesh Parivar was the basis for this analysis. Districts with equal scores have more than one winner at the top of the leaderboard or any other position.

The Names of the First, Second, and Third Place Finishers Will Be Announced

In attendance at the district’s prize distribution ceremony, the lucky draw will be conducted in front of the participants.
Consolation prizes will be granted to the remaining winners as well. The District Congress Committee in each participant’s district will be responsible for distributing the award to the successful participants. Phone calls, social media posts, and other methods will be used to notify the winners of their awards.

Online National Quiz on the Indian Constitution will be held on June 10th, 2019, and you can register right now!

Participants in the First Online National Quiz on the Constitution of India, which will be organised by Yuvajosh, will just need a basic understanding of the law.
YUVA JOSH is a community that assists in the development of talents. Yuva Josh is pleased to announce the launch of its first Online Legal Quiz Competition, which will take place on June 10th, 2019. Supreme Court Layers oversee the execution of every programme at the University of California.


This document is considered to be the supreme legislation of the country. The Constitution of India was enacted by the Constituent Assembly of India on November 26, 1949, and it came into effect on January 26, 1950. After the constitution was adopted, the Government of India Act, 1935, was repealed and the Dominion of India was renamed the Republic of India, replacing the former Dominion of India. Article 395 of the Constitution was written to ensure constitutional autochthony by repealing past actions of the British parliament. The 26th of January is Republic Day in India, which commemorates the birth of the country’s constitution.

Www Yuvajosh in

The constitution defines India to be a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, ensuring its residents of justice, equality, and liberty, while also attempting to encourage fraternity among its citizens. Parliament House in New Delhi houses the original 1950 constitution, which has been maintained in a helium-filled case since that time. During the state of emergency in 1976, the words “secular” and “socialist” were inserted into the preamble of the Constitution.


  • The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 1500/-, a memento, and a certificate of excellence.
  • The second-place winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 1000/-, a memento, and a certificate of excellence.

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  • The third-place winner will get a cash prize of 500, a memento, and a certificate of excellence.
  • A Certificate of Merit will be presented to the top five candidates in each of the following five categories.
  • Every participant will be given a hard copy of their participation certificate at the event.

The Quiz Will Be in the Following Format

The quiz will be conducted online, and the question paper will have questions in a variety of formats, including multiple-choice questions, one-word answers, and short answers.

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Using a laptop or mobile phone, the participant can administer this exam from their home, dorm, or any other location of their choosing.


The numerous aspects of the Constitution of India, as well as the history of the Constitution of India and its essential articles, will be covered in the quiz.

Rule of Law & Regulation

  • The quiz will consist of 50 questions.
  • The time allotted will be 45 minutes.
  • Every question carries one point, and there will be no negative grading for any of them.

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  • The results will be announced on the 15th of June.

Procedures for Participation and Registration

Candidates must submit the appropriate information and pay the required fees through this link or the website.

Www Yuvajosh in
Participants who have successfully enrolled will be presented with vital rules and information about how to participate in the quiz.


Yuva Josh is on a mission to inspire and educate the youth of India so they to become successful and powerful individuals in their respective fields.
An ideal setting in which to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary for success, which are not available in traditional educational settings.

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