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World Cricket Test Championship: In this way, the two teams going to the finals will be decided

ICC world test championship points table 2020

The Cricket Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) has found a new way to decide the finalists of the World Test Championship.

In this manner, both finalists will be judged based on the percentage of points they have gained during the league cycle.

This method is being implemented after the coronavirus has taken effect. However, the final approval will be given by the Chief Executive Committee.

What were the other options?

The second way was to distribute the points which were not played due to Corona, as a draw. However, this has not been accepted. The new method was tried to find the least bad method.

This was the actual plan and rules

According to the schedule, all teams were required to play three home and three away Test series. A series would have a maximum of 120 points which were divided based on the number of matches.

At least two and a maximum of five Tests can be played in such a series. In the event of a draw or tie in the final, the two teams participating in it would be declared joint champions.

India ranks first in the points table

Currently, India is ranked first in the World Test Championship points table with 360 points. So far he has won seven Tests and lost only two Tests.

Australia (296), England (292) and New Zealand (180) are followed by India in the points table. Bangladesh is the only team that has not scored a single point in this competition so far. Top-9 Test teams of the world are participating in it.

New Zealand may reach the top-2

New Zealand will have a great chance to finish in the top-2. The Kiwi team will have to score a maximum of 240 points in their home series against the West Indies and Pakistan.

If they are successful in doing so, then they will get 70 percent of the marks obtained. In such a situation, they will have a better chance of going to the finals than Australia and England.

Much will depend on the upcoming series

The finalists will be highly dependent on the upcoming Test series to be held between Australia and India and India and England.

The postponed Test series between England and Sri Lanka may also be rescheduled and will also have an impact.

At the moment, only India and England have a chance to play all six of their series. The difference between victory and defeat in the upcoming series will be with the rise in points.

ICC world test championship points table 2020

4* 3 9 7 2 0 0 0 360 2.011
3* 2 10 7 2 0 1 0 296 1.604
4* 3 15 8 4 0 3 0 292 1.223
3* 1 7 3 4 0 0 0 180 0.883
4* 2 8 2 3 0 3 0 166 0.853
2* 0 4 1 2 0 1 0 80 0.589
2* 0 5 1 4 0 0 0 40 0.527
2* 0 7 1 6 0 0 0 24 0.521
2* 0 3 0 3 0 0 0 0 0.351
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