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Will There Be a Season 2 of Bulgasal: Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

The second season of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. The game titled “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” is currently in the first place. The series is the brainchild of Kim Je-Hyeon and Kim Young-Kyu, and it is founded on the conventional concepts of karma and the cycle. Together, they have crafted a complicated story that extends back a millennium. Dan Hwal became Bulgasal after the deaths of both his wife and kid. He went on the hunt for the woman who was responsible for his immortality. In this, the hero of ignorance gets a chance to look back on his previous life.

Following the premiere of the show in December 2021, it has garnered praise for its artistic narrative, compelling cinematography, dramatic cast, and surrounding points. Specifically, the show has been praised for its intricate character interactions, surrounding points, and surrounding points.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Bulgasal

Even if the first season concludes with a storm, it still manages to leave an indelible mark following Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2.

When will Season 2 of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls be available on Netflix?

On December 18, 2021, the first season of Bulgasal Immortal Souls was made available for streaming on Netflix and tvN for the first first time. The season’s conclusion will be broadcast for the very first time on February 6, 2022. The first season of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls contains a total of 16 episodes, each of which takes approximately one hour to view.

Now, let’s check to see if Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2 is possible. First, the title of the sixteenth episode, which is translated as “finale,” appears on the screen when the programme starts. Contains conjecture regarding the upcoming season. In addition, even though the show delivered on some of its earlier promises set in the traditional world, the number of viewers gradually decreased throughout the episodes that followed. The conclusion, on the other hand, was able to obtain an average of 5.1 per cent, which is the greatest amount it has achieved since the first week it was presented.

In addition, the programme has been successful in luring viewers from all around the world. We could get to see the continuation of the story of Dan Hwal and Min Sang-un if Netflix gives it a shot and attempts to make some money out of it. The conclusion also encourages fans to look forward to the next season. On the other hand, considering how delicate the scales are and how the story wraps up for good, there is very little possibility that Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2 will ever be produced. The release of Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2 is probably going to take place in 2022.

Cast and Characters of the Second Season of Bulgasal Immortal Souls

Because of the format of the show, you must rely on dynamic character pairings while also moulding the narrative to suit your preferences. That being said, it is possible that all of the middle actors, including Kwon Nara as Min Sang-un / Kim Hwa-Yeon, Lee Jin-Wook as Dan Hwal, Gong Seung- Yeon as Dan Sol / Min Si-ho, Lee Joon as Ok Eul-tae, Park Myung-shin as shaman / Hye-suk, Jung Jin-young as Dan Geuk / Kwon Ho-

Plot Summary for the Second Season of Bulgasal Immortal Souls

When Hwal finally had a taste of his blood for the second time, the first season came to a violent end. He has come here to remember his past and to revisit the legend of a time one thousand years in the past when Hwal and Sung-un were the oldest Bulgasals. Since the terrible event, several of the characters have been put behind bars as a result of the curse that Hwal cast. In the past, Hwal metamorphosed into a man upon his passing, and he bequeathed the curse to Ok Eul-the.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Bulgasal

In the meantime, Hwal consumes the dried Ok Eul-take and ultimately takes his own life to save others around him. Detective Kwon and Min Sang un both meet their deaths as well. Both Si ho and Do Yun eventually made it back to Hwal’s house. Min Si-ho, who was a potter and sculptor in his previous life, tracked down Min Sang-un fifty years later and found out where he was.

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Following the arrival of a puzzling photograph in his inbox, he travels to Hwal’s former residence. At that precise moment, the reincarnation of Hwal arrived there with the hopes of purchasing a home. The cycle continues when Sang-un and Hwal find themselves in the same situation once more.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls

If there is a second season, the story might continue with Hwal and Sang-life uns after the events of the first season. We will find out if they can escape their troubled pasts, and the second season of Bulgasal Immortal Souls might provide some insight into the matter. In a similar vein, the second season may be delayed over time and provide additional context to the myth of the Bulgasal.

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We have not had the pleasure of meeting Min Si-child, ho’s nor are we familiar with Nam Do-spouse. Yun’s Will the next second season also document the characters’ lives in the future? We hope it does. In addition, do Min Sang-un and Dan Hwal eventually end up together in any of their lives, or does history simply consist of a cycle of events? Is it possible that the family will continue to exist in some other form when Hwal destroys the curse and ends the loop? We can only hope that the second season will provide us with all of the answers we need.


At the time of this writing, tvN has not yet decided whether or not to renew Bulgasal for a second season. It seems unlikely that this one will be revived given the decisive nature of the finish as well as the ratings that have been collected over the weeks, but hey, weirder things have occurred!

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After all, Tales of the Nine-Tailed was also picked up for a second season the previous year, and that show featured a narrative that was somewhat comparable to this one.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Bulgasal

The ratings started at a rather respectable 6.346 per cent across the nation, but they have been progressively declining and have now settled between 3 per cent and 4 per cent over the weeks. That initial episode, which I just described, received the highest rating overall. Because this is a weekend drama, the overall quality is about par.

Because of this, and the fact that the majority of Korean dramas complete their plots within a single season, we are led to believe that Bulgasal will not be given a second season.
When we have access to further information, we will make sure that this section is updated with the new details.

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