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Will Netflix Carry the Roku film “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”?

Since the 1980s, “Weird Al” Yankovic has been an integral part of the popular culture. He has made humorous parodies of some of the all-time most popular songs. Eric Appel is currently working on a new film that will be about him. However, the movie is not available on Netflix, and it is highly unlikely that you will have an easy time locating it if you are currently located in this area.

The stratospheric ascent to fame enjoyed by Weird All as a result of early songs like as “Eat It” and “Like a Surgeon” is the subject of the new biography, which takes the form of a spoof. It was produced by Funny or Die and Tango Entertainment, and it is in some ways similar to a parody in its own right.

The film features a number of well-known performers, including Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Toby Huss (GLOW), and Julianne Nicholson (GLOW), among others (I, Tonya)

Will Netflix Have Weird: The Al Yankovic Story?

Strangely, The Al Yankovic Story is not available on Netflix or any of the other streaming services because it can only be found on Roku. They have control over the movie in every region of the world, and as far as we are aware, they have not licenced it to any other streaming services located in countries other than the United States.

Because movie distributors do not usually sell their films to Netflix, this is not an unusual occurrence. However, in the vast majority of cases, there is at least one location where their films can be viewed after they have been released in theatres.

However, such is not the case with The Roku Channel.

Due to the fact that The Roku Channel isn’t always available and isn’t available everywhere, watching the movie in 2022 will be one of the more challenging things to do. According to the website for Roku Channel, there are just three locations where the movie may even be viewed. The United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The easiest way to see the movie is in the United States, where it may be located on the website of The Roku Channel or through apps that are generally only available on Roku devices. Other places around the world may also offer the opportunity to watch the movie.

Because the website is not accessible in the United Kingdom, in order to view The Roku Channel, you will need a Roku device or one of a few other devices, such as Hisense TV or Sky Q.

In a number of locations, it is not possible to access the Roku Channel in any way. During a question and answer session hosted by Roku, the subject of the documentary, Al Yankovic, stated that the film is difficult to see and that in the interim, while Roku is working on a solution, audiences may want to consider illegally downloading it. Strange stuff.

Al Yankovic will also provide his voice for a character in an animated movie called “The Soccer Football Movie,” which will be available on Netflix on November 9.

Strange, but you can watch “The Al Yankovic Story” on the Roku Channel. Will you watch it there, or do you have another plan for how you’re going to view it? Tell us in the next part, shall we?

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