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Will Magnum and Higgins Get Together in Season 4?

After “Hawaii Five-0” and “MacGyver,” CBS brought back an old show with a new twist in 2018. “Magnum P.I.” joined the list of remade shows with a new version.

The new series follows ex-Navy SEAL Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez), who works as a security consultant for a mysterious millionaire novelist and as a private investigator in Hawaii. This is similar to the first series, which starred Tom Selleck.

Juliet Higgins, who used to work for MI6, helps Magnum a lot (Perdita Weeks). In past seasons, the two of them and their team, which is made up of two former Marines and a detective from the Hawaii Police Department, have been involved in some of the strangest cases the Aloha State has to offer.

Season 4 didn’t hold back on giving Magnum and his friends interesting things to do. In the episodes “Devil on the Doorstep” and “A Fire in the Ashes,” Higgins deals with her past as an agent. Also, after Sgt.

Duke Lukela (Dennis Chun) of “Hawaii Five-0” shows up in the episode “Evil Walks Softly,” there is some crossover fun. Since “Hawaii Five-0” and “MacGyver” are no longer on the air, the small crossover event has a different effect.

But the constant romantic tension between Magnum and Higgins has been a major plot point all season, and it seems to boil over in the season finale. Let’s look more closely at what happened between them at the end of Season 4 of “Magnum P.I.”

Magnum and Higgins Tell Each Other How They Feel About Each Other

will magnum and higgins get together in season 4

In the Season 4 finale, “Close to Home,” the ex-wife of HPD Detective Gordon Katsumoto (Tim Kang), Beth (Shawna Christensen), is taken.

This is one of the hardest cases Magnum and his team have ever had to solve. In exchange for keeping her safe, the thieves want the detective to kill his ex-partner Shane Whelan, who is in jail (Josh Stamberg).

But after barely getting Whelan out of jail, a planned exchange of money for his freedom turns into an explosive shootout. Magnum, Higgins, and Katsumoto find Beth and arrest the person who took her. It turns out that the same person killed Katsumoto’s sister.

“Close to Home” almost has a happy ending because that important loose end has been tied and Rick (Zachary Knighton) and Suzy (Betsy Phillips) are having a girl. It has one more sweet scene, which is good news.

In the last scene, Magnum and Higgins finally tell each other how they feel. After admitting that, they both say that being romantically interested in each other would be bad for their partnership and friendship. But as soon as they kiss, they stop dragging their feet.

It’s a nice moment that wraps up what the writers had been planning for the two in Season 4 and could be the right way for the show to say goodbye.

Even though “Magnum P.I.” was still doing well in the ratings, CBS decided to end the show soon after the episode aired (via The Hollywood Reporter). Deadline says that talks for a new season had been going on for a long time, so it’s not clear if the writers of the show knew that it might be cancelled.

If this was the show’s way of ending the series because it knew what was going to happen, it couldn’t have picked a better way. Still, it would be interesting to see how Magnum and Higgins would have changed after they told each other how they felt.

Frequently Asked Questions

will magnum and higgins get together in season 4

Are Magnum and Higgins Ever Going to Get Together?

The answer is a loud and clear “YES.” They made out! It’s hard to tell what will happen in the future, but this is a great start. After such a long time, it also feels like something you deserve.

Who Ends up with Magnum?

In season two, Higgins joins forces with Magnum. In the second half of the season, Magnum asks Higgins to marry him so that she can stay in the country after her visa runs out.

Will Magnum PI have a Fifth Season?

Kelly Kahl, the head of CBS, says that cancelling Magnum P.I. was one of the tougher decisions the network had to make during this time of year.

Do Ethan and Higgins Get Married?

But in the last episode of season 3, things went in a different direction. Higgins and Ethan made up, and she decided to go to Africa with him for six months. Magnum agreed with this plan. At the end of the episode, they both made it clear that they were just friends for now.

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