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Dive into the Magical World Of The Wicked Movie – Release Date, Cast, Intriguing Storyline, and More

After years in development, a big-screen version of the Broadway musical Wicked is finally coming. The Wicked musical is based on the novel Wicked, the first in Gregory Maguire’s trilogy The Wicked Years, which is a reworking of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz books.

Elphaba, the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, as well as Oz’s culture and past, are the main subjects of this telling of the tale.

It adds depth and complexity to the original straightforward story while filling in many of the gaps left by the books and movie, including the question of why there is only one road.

As the composer and lyricist, Stephen Schwartz brought the book to Broadway in 2003, collaborating with Winnie Holzman to pen the book (a play’s narrative structure).

Wicked, like the book, is centered on witches from The Wizard of Oz, both before and after the latter’s events. Elphaba and Galinda the two main witches set the stage for the musical, which introduces themes of partiality, forgiveness, and trust to the well-known Oz story.

Given the musical’s enormous popularity, the upcoming cinematic version is not shocking.

Wicked Movie Conformation And Release Date

Wicked’s journey to the big screen hasn’t been easy. ABC first acquired the Wicked rights in 2009, and the production business collaborated with Salma Hayek’s organization to create a miniseries in 2011 (via EW).

In 2012, word spread that Wicked would be adapted for the big screen. Stephen Daldry, a new filmmaker, was slated to oversee the project, and a 2016 release date was established.

A further delay in production caused the release to be rescheduled for 2019. Daldry quit Wicked after the film failed to make its weekend release date.

On the other hand, Jon Chu signed on as director (Deadline) in 2021; nevertheless, further delays caused the production to start in June 2022.

Chu didn’t announce that filming had started on Twitter until December 2022. The SAG/AFTRA strikes caused a last delay in the film’s completion, although it is now almost finished.

Because of the richness and intricacy of the narrative, Chu said on Twitter that the Wicked movie will be released in two parts. Chu also declared that the first movie would be out on December 25, 2024, and the sequel on December 25, 2025, at the same time.

The release dates have already been advanced, though. Wicked: Part 2 is now slated to arrive on November 26, 2025, nearly precisely one year after Wicked Part 1 on November 27, 2024.

The easiest method to ensure that the scope of the plot is conveyed is to divide the film into two parts, given the musical has a two-act structure and several time jumps spanning several years. Dividing Wicked to prevent removing songs and characters might work out well for Chu’s career and Universal’s bottom line.

Casting of Wicked Movie

The majority of the Wicked movie cast has been revealed, with the biggest reveal being the casting of Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba and Ariana Grande as Glinda, respectively.

Jonathan Bailey will play Elphaba’s romantic interest, Fiyero, while seasoned child performer Marissa Bode will play Elphaba’s younger sister, Nessarose, in her feature film debut. Ethan Slater, who plays Boq, completes the primary cast (via Collider). The following is the complete major ensemble cast:

Notable people are in the cast of a production, which is probably a stage show or an adaptation of the musical “Wicked.” Glinda will be portrayed by Cynthia Erivo, and Ariana Grande will play Elphaba. Bowen Yang as Pfannee, Michelle Yeoh as Madame Morrible, and Jonathan Bailey as Fiyero Tigelaar are the cast members. Bronwyn James will play ShenShen, while Keala Settle will play Miss Coddle. 

The cast includes Marissa Bode as Nessarose, Colin Michael Carmichael as Professor Nikidik, and Aaron Teoh as Avaric. Jeff Goldblum will represent the Wizard of Oz, while Ethan Slater will play Boq. The brilliant and interesting ensemble for this play is promised by the diverse performers.

Wicked Movie Story Glimpes

Chu has not stated how closely the Wicked movie story will resemble the musical, but if the same music is used, then they will unavoidably need to stick to similar plot rhythms.

The Wicked musical tracks Elphaba and Galinda, who later changes her name to Glinda, as they live together and attend college. The other students tease Elphaba, who is green by birth until the popular and blonde Galinda takes her under her wing.

Unexpected appearances from Wizard of Oz characters cause Galinda and Elphaba to grow apart. The first movie will probably follow the journey of college-age ladies to the Witches of the North and West, while the second movie will probably deal with Dorothy.

Wicked’s sum-up follows comparisons to The Wizard of Oz, but it also adds new info that expands and improves the scope of that tale. The musical Wicked begins later in the story and then travels back in time. Wicked will have to get beyond this obstacle if it is to succeed, as it will be difficult to convey the unconventional plot structure.

On the contrary, you can also look into these upcoming series storylines:


To sum up, two portions of the much-anticipated movie based on the Broadway musical “Wicked” are slated for release: November 27, 2024, for the first part, and November 26, 2025, for the second.

The cast of the Jon Chu-directed movie, which stars Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba among other well-known performers, has been announced despite the film’s numerous setbacks.

Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, the story shows Elphaba’s difficult past and connections, offering a new point of view to the well-known story of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz.” The movie version gives belief in an interesting and varied ensemble cast and seeks to recreate the enchantment and intricacy that made the musical so popular a hit. Therefore this is all about the movie Wicked.

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