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Why “World of Warcraft” Fans Were Happy to See “Dragonflight” Back

Dragonflight, the forthcoming World of Warcraft expansion, delivers a feast for the heroes of Azeroth. There’s no apocalypse, villain, or war to win — just a long-forgotten island to explore.

Steve Danuser, Dragonflight’s chief narrative designer, told NME that Blizzard chose lower expansion rates. Dragonflight feels more like a 2012 Mists of Pandaria expansion than Wrath of the Lich King or The Lich King, says Denuser. Crusade.

Danuser: “We wanted to underline that we’re not rushing to face the end of the world.” Let’s explore this land, we’ll make friends and enemies along the way. This is a terrific opportunity to tell unique and innovative Azeroth-based stories. Dragon Aspects, previous protectors of Azeroth and Warcraft legends, are the player’s companions in Dragonflight. The developer adds that “making dragons cool again” was one of Blizzard’s “driving ideals”

“We’re returning to Azeroth to visit a spot we’ve heard about but never visited with the Dragon, a famous Warcraft character. Danuser: “Aspects.” “We’ve seen them when they were powerful and great, but we’ve also seen how they lose power and rebel against each other. This is a chance to go with them to the Dragon Islands, see the kingdom they left behind, and help them reclaim lost glory.”

Players will see Azeroth from a unique perspective when they visit the Dragon Islands. Dragonflight’s name implies that you can ride dragons. Flying allowed World of Warcraft’s main quest designer, Maria Hamilton, to explore her job in a fresh way.

The ability to ride dragons “was a significant motivation in how some of our quests travelled across the places,” says Hamilton.

“We knew what you could and couldn’t do, and we could take you to very high places,” Hamilton said. “We made a concerted effort to use these huge spaces and use momentum to move between all our quest goals and make sure you have those magnificent perspectives that our artists and world builders have put together — we really wanted to show from the spot as a fantastic, amazing place with tonnes to study”

Hamilton said her team added additional local stories to Dragon Islands. “You may find quests in isolated places that convey the story of this civilization, and although we’ve done this before, this time we really got into it,” Hamilton said. So, while riding dragons across the islands, you’ll encounter secret treasures, creatures, stories, and quests.

One of her team’s quests “surprised” Hamilton when she tested it. “There was a very tiny little quest where you sit down and converse with someone,” Hamilton says. “Anyone who has left home knows what it’s like to come back for a long time.” “Many of us can imagine going home, seeing those places again, and riding where we once lived. Sometimes you realise the house isn’t what you recall or doesn’t generate the same sensations.

Hamilton continued, “This story’s about that.” “It’s about a dragon who’s home and wondering about the past and future. It was brilliantly written with all the experiences and emotional journeys. There are a lot of strong ideas that may be addressed here. When I first played it, I was like, “Wow, where does that come from?” Wonderful!”

Danuser likes Azure Gap on the Dragon Islands. The narrator adds fans of the Tuskarr, walrus-like humanoids introduced in 2008’s Wrath of the Lich King, should explore this zone for surprises.

“It was enjoyable for the team to tell a few anecdotes about their culture – there are a lot of amusing little stories that show their community, what they love and care about, and their kinship,” says Danuser. “There are some amazing things to immerse yourself in, and this is one of the areas with so much of Warcraft’s iconic charm and ambiance – many stories will touch you, and many will make you grin.”

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