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Why Roloff Family’s “Cold War” Is Boring To Little People, Big World Fans

Little People, Big World viewers are sick of hearing about the conflict that the Roloff family has self-described as a “cold war,” which has been going on for quite some time. The Roloff family and the show’s fans have been through a lot together over the course of the past 23 seasons of the popular reality show, which has been airing on television since 2006. The divorce of Matt and Amy Roloff not only caused a rift in the family, but that rift is now deeper than it ever was. Although viewers love a good family saga, the constant discussion of the cold war has gotten out of hand.

Many viewers of Little People, Big World were looking forward to catching up with the Roloff family in the upcoming 24th season, but the first look at the show left them feeling disappointed. Since the patriarch of the Roloff family, Matt, made the decision to sell 16 acres of Roloff Farms for $4 million, the family has been at odds with one another. Zach and Tori Roloff, who are married, were under the impression that Matt was going to give the property to the children, and they have harboured resentment toward Matt ever since. The viewers’ dissatisfaction with the show was expressed in a discussion on Reddit that was established by u/Leather-Cod-7397. The thread stated that “95% of the plots with the shows on TLC are basically rehashed garbage.”

Matt & Zach’s Feud Bores Little People, Big World Fans

They went on to say that the drama in this season is the same as in previous seasons, stating that “Zach and his Father are bickering over the property.” Fans of Little People, Big World had had enough of Matt’s conflict with Zach and Tori after it lasted throughout the entirety of the 23rd season of the show.

The conflict over the property has resulted in an all-out war between Matt and his children, with Amy caught in the midst. Some fans of LPBW have referred to Zach as being petty due to his actions toward his father and the fact that he chose not to have a connection with his father because of a dispute over a piece of land. Since Roloff Farms has been in the family for so many years, other people are aware of how important it is to everyone in the family. Amy was more than happy to give up her shares in the farm, but Zach was not yet ready to do the same with his.

In addition, Zach and Tori Roloff are shown greeting baby Josiah at the beginning of Little People, Big World season 24. Unknowingly, Josiah has become involved in the conflict because the new parents of baby number three have refused to let Matt meet their kid. Many viewers believe that the lack of compelling storylines is due to the fact that Zach Roloff is the only member of his family to appear on the show on a consistent basis. Zach’s other three siblings, including Jeremy Roloff from Little People, Big World, have stopped appearing on the show over the course of the series’s run.

Despite the fact that a good number of viewers are dissatisfied with the path that season 24 of Little People, Big World has chosen to pursue, there are still a few highlights that viewers are looking forward to. One person on Reddit stated that they “like the Amy and Chris scenes,” adding that another reason to watch is because of the lovely Jackson Roloff and their bond. Even though there were reports that Amy and her new husband, Chris Marek, had broken up, those rumours were swiftly refuted by Amy, and the couple is happier than they have ever been, which should hopefully bring more humorous moments to the show.

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