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Gabriel Iglesias Break Up: What Happened? 

Gabriel Iglesias, as Fluffy, discusses his 25-year career in the premiere episode of My Comedy Journey, a documentary series produced by Variety. Fluffy has achieved phenomenal success in the comedy industry, becoming one of the most well-known comedians in the world. Iglesias has starred in multiple comedy specials for Comedy Central and Netflix.

Gabriel Iglesias shot his forthcoming Netflix special, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles, at Dodger Stadium, which had never before hosted a comedian.

Gabriel’s jokes frequently reference his personal life. However, Iglesias excludes his romantic relationships from his performances, preferring to mine humour from other sources, such as his family. This article examines Gabriel’s separation from Claudia Valdez.

Gabriel Broke Up With Claudia Valdez as He Battled Depression and Alcoholism

In 2008, Gabriel and Valdez were first sighted together, according to The Sun. They began a private relationship that lasted until the middle of 2020.

Fluffy’s struggle with depression and drunkenness may have had a role in Gabriel and Claudia’s breakup, while the specifics of their split remain unclear.

In June 2020, Gabriel reported that the stress of managing their career and family destroyed his life. Gabriel ended his relationship with Claudia. “I went into survival mode,” Gabriel added.

Iglesias stated that being unmarried enabled him to concentrate on his career, son, and dogs. “I feel like I’ve received everything I ever wanted.”

Fluffy is not Frankie’s biological father; Frankie is Claudia’s son from a prior relationship. Despite his separation from Claudia, Iglesias maintained a close friendship with Frankie.

Gabriel told Billboard that he wished he had spent more time with Frankie as he was growing up. In response, he postponed some of his 2017 performances so he could reunite with his family. Gabriel told the magazine about his candid conversation with Claudia’s son:

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“(I replied), ‘I’m sorry for all the years of missed birthdays, years of being away during the holidays, and years of my absence. I could have performed better and been more involved. And he was incredible. He embraced me and whispered, “It’s okay.”

Why Did Gabriel Iglesias Break Up (1)

Gabriel Iglesias Break Up: What Happened?

In any case, it is unknown when Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez began dating. In 2008, however, they were first observed together. Thus, Gabriel and Claudia had not been together for quite some time.

Why did Gabriel Iglesias break up even though he was so good and in love? The primary reason is mostly unknown to the general public. We are thus uncertain. However, some suspicions can be formed. What? According to reports, the comedian’s long-term romance with Claudia was severed due to his alcoholism and melancholy.

Gabriel Iglesias disclosed in the middle of the year 2020 that he had stress and struggled to balance work and family responsibilities. Regarding their breakup, he stated, “I went into survival mode.”

The comic desired singlehood. This allowed him to focus on himself, his career, as well as his dogs. He determined what he want in life as a result of his extreme anxiety. Although he had no complaints about Claudia, he wished for their mutual benefit to split ways.

He recognised that his sorrow hurt his family. On this remark, he declared, “Everything disintegrated.” He also cancelled some of his shows and sought to overcome his alcoholism after the breakup.

Gabriel and Frankie continue to have a strong bond, as was previously stated. The former confessed that he regretted not spending more quality time with his son on occasion.

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez remained in California together. The comedian previously disclosed that he does not reside in his hometown. As a result of their breakup, Claudia left the residence. Many questioned whether they were married. No!

However, Gabriel and Claudia were in a highly committed relationship. Consequently, the news of their unexpected separation shocked many.

Best wishes for Gabriel Iglesias’s future career endeavours. You may follow the comedian Gabriel’s Instagram account for further updates. Since separating from Claudia, he has not engaged in any other romantic relationships.

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