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Who Was River Phoenix’s Girlfriend?

Do you want to know who was River Phoenix’s girlfriend? Even though River Phoenix died at a very young age, his movies, like My Own Private Idaho, Stand By Me, and Running on Empty, will always be remembered.

Dark Blood was his last movie, and it continued in 2012. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the movie Running on Empty.

On the 20th anniversary of River Phoenix’s death, several other actors and people who worked with him remembered him.

William Richert, who directed the 1988 movie A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, said that the actor was someone who took risks and always surprised him.

The actor died after having trouble with drug abuse. Let’s find out who River Phoenix is dating.

Who was River Phoenix’s Girlfriend?

Samantha Mathis was River Phoenix’s girlfriend. When Phoenix died from a drug overdose, the American Psycho actress was there with him and his younger brother Joaquin.

Samantha Mathis talked about the terrible day in an early interview. She talked about how she saw that no one was doing drugs.

The actress remembered how River died 45 minutes after she was hurt. Samantha started by thinking about her ex-boyfriend, River. She said that if River was still around, he would be acting, directing, saving the environment, and just living and hanging out.

River Phoenix used to date Martha Plimpton, who was also in the movie “Mosquito Coast.” But the relationship didn’t last long, and it’s said that the actor’s drug problems led to its end.

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How Did River And Samantha Meet?

River Phoenix and Samantha Mathis were both in The Thing Called Love, which came out in 1993. But this wasn’t the first time they’d seen each other. Samantha told him about the first time they met when she was 19 and he asked her for a cigarette in a LA club.

Mathis also said that, even though it sounded cheesy, she knew she would be with him one day and thought it was fated because they had such a strong connection.

Mathis told them that she thought they would be able to relate to something in each other. She also said that even though they came from very different families, they both had broken parts that they could relate to and so became safe.

The Broken Arrow actress also said that she and the late actor would just hang out with his siblings and act like kids.

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Even though the actress kept working after Phoenix’s death, she didn’t last long. Just a few years later, Mathis’s mother died at 54 from breast cancer, and Mathis couldn’t keep going.

Later, the actress said that she had just lost too much and had to stop because she felt like she was falling apart.

Samantha Mathis Opens Up About River Phoenix!

In an early interview, the actress talked about the tragic day, saying that she knew River was high that night, but that the heroin that killed him happened after he was in the Viper Room.

Mathis said that she had some ideas about what was going on, but she didn’t see anything. She also said that when they went to the bathroom, they found that the actor had been kicked out of the club by a bouncer.

At that moment, Mathis thought back to when she saw Phoenix fall to the ground. Joaquin was the one who called 911 right away. River’s ex-partner said that if the actor were still alive today, he would be doing what he loved the most.

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