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Who Is Wapol? A Comeback in One Piece Chapter 1074!

One Piece is in its final arc, and a lot of old characters are making a comeback. Lucci, the first important “boss” of the series, fights Luffy again. Back then, Luffy was just learning what he could do with his powers.

Now that he has figured out how to use the full power of his devil fruit, Lucci is just another mob to him. We see him fall in a few panels as if he doesn’t matter as much anymore.

But in the series, it’s not just the bad guys who are coming back. Vivi is also coming back. After the war in her country was over, a member of Straw Hats left with her father to stand up for her country.

But at the end of the Wano Arc, we find out that her father was killed and that she hasn’t been seen since. We also find out that she will return in One Piece chapter 1074.

When people talk about Vivi, they can’t help but talk about Wapol, the man who beat her when she was only 10 years old. Why? So he could start a war that would involve a lot of countries and put them all in danger.

Vivi didn’t give up, though, and she stopped an international conflict from getting worse. But what kind of man does Wapol have to be to hit a child because of his own interests? That’s not the only thing people want to know about him.

Wapol Makes A Comeback One Piece Chapter 1074 But Who Is he?

Wapol was the king of the Drum Kingdom. He got the job from his father, who died when Wapol was still a child. It didn’t change him at all, and he started to think he was better than everyone else in the kingdom.

Was it how he was brought up? No, it’s not like that. His father was a fair king who treated everyone in his kingdom like family. He wanted his son to think the same way, but it never happened.

Wapol was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and since he was a child, all of his needs were met. This changes his view of the world much more than the lessons his father tried to teach him.

After he got the throne, his selfishness only got worse, and when it was time to do his job and help the people, he ran away. He not only ran away, but he also took all the important people with him (doctors, nurses, etc.).

But leaving his country cost him because one of his former subordinates (Datlon) had joined the pirates and was now trying to steal from the country and take over the throne. Dalton, on the other hand, was a fair king whom the people loved and respected.

He worked for Wapol’s father and saw the young prince grow up and change into a selfish king who would eat even his own people. But Wapol thought of it as his right as a king and decided to get back at Dalton.

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Wapol And Vivi Are Rumored to Be Working Together In One Piece Chapter 1074

Compared to other well-known bad guys in the series, Wapol wasn’t around for very long. (This is why everyone is interested in how he looks.) But One Piece Chapter 1074 shows that he will come back to the show and that he will be with Vivi, of all people.

Their meeting can’t be a coincidence, since Vivi’s father died in the war and Wapol shows up later in the story, not before.

For now, it’s hard to say what his plans are because, even though he’s selfish and shallow, he has a dangerous mind. And his devil fruit power, the Baku Baku no Mi fruit, makes him even worse.

Its name means something like “hippopotamus fruit,” which fits Wapol because he will eat anything to make himself look good (metaphorically speaking). But because there are so many people involved, we may finally know the answer to one question about his devil fruit ability. What will happen to him if he eats a person who eats devil fruit?

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