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Who Is Timon Krause’s Partner?

Who does Timon Krause work with? Yes, we’re talking about the Let’s Dance star who is currently in the news because his love life is making fans very curious. If you look at how famous and talented he has become, not to mention how good-looking he is, it’s pretty clear that he is gay. So, what are your thoughts? Before we get to that, let’s talk briefly about who Timon Krause is.

Timon Krause

Timon Krause was a mentalist and a book author before he joined Let’s Dance in 2023. Timon was born in Moers, North Rhine-Westphalia, on June 28, 1994. He was born on that date. When it comes to his education, he went to a well-known school in Amsterdam to study philosophy. Timon Krause was called the “Dutch Master of Mental Magic” back in 2014.

Timon is also known as the Best European Mentalist, which is something you didn’t know. All of this is because he has worked so hard at mentalism. Not to forget, this year there is only one date set for his “Mind Games” program. It is thought to happen on August 10. Don’t forget to say that Timon was in Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben before.

When it comes to his personal life, Let’s Dance star Timon Krause likes to keep things low-key. He doesn’t like to show off his relationships, so when asked about them in interviews, he keeps quiet. As far as I can tell, he is always working when I see him. How do you feel? Here is what we know about Timon Krause’s partner if you want to know who he is with.


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Timon Krause’s Partner:

Sarah Fuchs is said to be Timon Krause’s partner when it comes to his love life. What is her name? Well, Sarah is a professional photographer and doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Both of them live together in Berlin, and it looks like they just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.


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Sarah Fuchs, who is with Timon Krause, also seems to be a quiet person. Both go well together. As was already said, the Let’s Dance star always seems to be busy while on his mind game tours, which take him all over the world. He posts a lot of pictures of them together on social media, which shows how much they love each other.

We don’t know if Timon Krause and Sarah Fuchs have said “I do” yet because they have kept their secret so well. Then what about their fifth wedding anniversary? Now, the couple also has a party every year to celebrate their relationship. It can also be that. We wonder if Timon has a wife or not. But one thing can be said for sure. The star of “Let’s Dance” is happily taken and has a great life with his partner.

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Some of you might feel a little down when you hear that Timon Krause is already taken. Well, we have to accept the truth, no matter how hard it is. Not only does he look good, but his cute dancing moves have recently wowed thousands of people all over the world.


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We hope the best for Timon Krause in the days to come. We want to know more about what he is like with Sarah. Make sure you follow Timon on Instagram so you can see what he’s up to.

As time goes on, we hope that Timon will tell us more about Sarah, his long-term partner. On the other hand, we think that Timon would do better in life. It makes sense that he has made a lot of money at such a young age. So far, everything is going well. It’s only the start.

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